Estimate your property online: the advantages

Having your property appraised isn’t always free, unless it’s online. This evaluation will be approximate, but already sufficient to have an idea of ​​its amount for sale, to register on its tax sheet or register in its global heritage.


At first, we would like to take some information anonymously so as not to publicize the fact that we want to have our property estimated. An estimate may be requested in order to complete the property tax sheet, and not in order to resell our property. In this case, there is no need to go into details, a simple overall estimate is sufficient: The price per m² in such a district, in such a city for such type of accommodation, is sufficient.

When we want to resell our property, there is no longer any question of anonymity, the estimate will have to take into account many details including the exact address of the accommodation and our contact details for a personalized response. An agent will come on site to check the exact condition of the premises.

Overview of market prices

Several criteria are taken into account such as:

  • The region and its proximity to tourist sites, mountains or sea. The more the population increases during holiday periods, the more the accommodation can increase in value.
  • The importance of the municipality plays a big role, the greater it is, the more jobs there are to fill and the higher the housing.
  • The sun costs more in the South where the heating savings are undeniable.
  • Border municipalities of Switzerland, of Germany, make pay the proximity of the country in which the workers earn more than in France.
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Estimate your property online: benefits

You can estimate your property online by filling out a form. We will respond to you by email or by phone. You will need to provide details: year of construction, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, if there is a garage, land…

The biggest advantage is to be able to contact several sites for free to compare the prices at which we could resell our property. There is no need for these people to come to your home immediately. You have no obligation towards the person who contacts you. You can perfectly end the chat whenever you want.

You are not stuck at home waiting for an agent to come and appraise your property, you can have it appraised at any time of the day or night, you will read your emails with a clear head.

Depending on the questions asked and the services offered, it is easy to make your choice. You can then continue the estimate in the field with one of the agents who will come to your home at your request.

If you want to sell without an intermediary other than the notary, this estimate is interesting to assess the price of the property and put it on the market by notarial announcement or in a local newspaper.

This overall estimate can also give an idea in the context of an inheritance, it is then useless to refine the amount of the property to the nearest euro. A simple online assessment is enough.

Discover here the criteria to take into account for a successful online estimate. The year of construction is of great importance both in terms of the quality of the materials used and the appearance of the neighborhood at the time and today. The energy class of housing is a key element, it can vary its price dramatically.

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Sales speed and detailed analysis

Once the estimate is known, we can go into the details of the sale of the property. The speed at which the home will be sold will depend mainly on its price compared to the market.
This is where the detailed analysis takes on its full meaning. At the time of purchase or construction, the land and the dwelling had a certain value. The view could be clear, the quiet area, shops nearby, a school, everything you need to live pleasantly.

  • If since then, the school and the shops have closed, the view has been blocked by buildings, the property will have lost its value. We will not be able to make a nice capital gain as we hoped. It is then necessary to compensate by the quality of the thermal and sound insulation and an impeccable interior, which really makes you want, which is luxurious.
  • The choice of efficient and economical heating.
  • The quality of furniture and appliances in the kitchen and bathrooms is really very important, it is a main criterion for the buyer’s crush.
  • A garden with the possibility of creating a vegetable garden is a real plus.

These elements can increase the fine estimate of a property and its quick sale.

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