Seasonal rental: why install wifi?

Around the world, the internet is an integral part of everyday life. As a result, almost all services and benefits are done via websites, and even the organization of holidays. In France, even during the holidays, tenants sometimes find it difficult to part with their mobile and their internet connection.

A great way to increase your bookings is to provide a free internet connection to the tenants of your seasonal residence. In addition, a wifi connection allows holidaymakers to stay in touch with loved ones, have fun and share photos on social networks. For some, access to the wifi network is a decisive criterion in their choice of seasonal rental. Discover through this article, the disadvantages of seasonal rental accommodation without a wifi connection and the advantages of having one.

The disadvantages of a seasonal rental without a wifi connection

The various disadvantages of a seasonal rental of accommodation without wifi:

  • Customers will be deprived of digital billing, making reservations on sites;
  • Customers must leave the accommodation to do their shopping;
  • Without access to Google Mapp, tenants must have maps and plans to find their way around the places to visit;
  • Tenants will be less informed about the news;
  • internet and wireless connection have become a criterion of choice for tenants when choosing seasonal rental accommodation;
  • Holidaymakers will be obliged to use their mobile plan;
  • Most vacationers like to share their stay on the networks.

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The different advantages of a seasonal rental with wifi connection

Internet and especially wifi are essential details for a seasonal rental. In yourhere the different advantages:

  • Your ad will be better classified on online booking platforms;
  • The rental attracts more travelers thanks to the wifi network;
  • This detail increases the number of visibilities of your travel guide;
  • Availability of connected equipment through the use of wifi.
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Owners are not obliged to invest in an installation of fiber optic internet connection for example, an internet box could do the job very well. With a wifi connection, your tenants can stay connected and continue their usual professional or leisure activities. They can therefore take advantage of the activities offered in your seasonal rental or in the region without having to cut the bridge with their internet habits.

By opting for the wifi connection in your seasonal rental residence, you broaden your target customers by including tenants on a business trip. Whether they come to your accommodation for tourism, for holidays or for work, tenants appreciate having the choice whether or not to use the internet. In case they need it, a wifi connection will be more practical so that they can connect as they see fit, anywhere in your property, during their stay.

90% of holidaymakers stay connected on their mobile for the duration of their stay.

The installation of an internet box is therefore advantageous for the owner of a seasonal rental house, as it is for the tenants.

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