Bordeaux: expert advice for investing in new buildings

Real estate has always been a safe bet in the field of investment. This is one of the reasons why it is said that there is nothing better than investing in stone. However, an investment comes with its risks. It is advisable to be well informed and well guided to avoid them as much as possible. Do you want to invest in new buildings in Bordeaux and the surrounding area? Here are some professional tips that will help you make your project a reality without much difficulty.

Choose the neighborhood carefully

It is well known that investment and haste do not mix. So that your investments in new buildings in Bordeaux bear fruit, you have to learn to take a step back. Carefully analyze the facts and parameters before jumping in. If it is true that investing in new offers many advantages and is often profitable, this is not always the case. Thus, for all types of real estate that you wish to buy, evaluate the influence of certain parameters. The first is the geographical situation and in this case the piece.

If you wish to acquire a new studio in Bordeaux, check first and foremost that the neighborhood does not pose any problems. Indeed, in some of them, the demand is higher; which favors the rise in rents, which is generally quite beneficial to investors. This is for example the district of Chartrons or district of the Bastide in the center of town. This is partly justified by the fact that the latter are well equipped in terms of infrastructure. They are therefore coveted by most people. However, it is also more complicated to make acquisitions in this type of neighborhood.

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One of your alternatives is to turn to neighborhoods on the outskirts from Bordeaux. The latter tend to have lower demand, but have a potential not negligible. The saturation of certain regions pushes people to move precisely towards the outskirts of the city. You must therefore carefully choose the neighborhoods in which to buy your property.

To decide, you can use the vacancy rate. This is a quantity established using a census. The higher it is, the less likely you are to make your acquisition profitable. For its calculation and interpretation, get help from a expert from Marlet real estate.

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This choice also seems more judicious, because the latter has the knowledge and tools to give you precise conclusions. He is even able to make forecasts to determine whether demand will fall or rise in the coming years. Investing in new property being an operation that aims for the long term, these are all parameters that it is wise to check.

In order to find the right support for your investment projects, you can turn to a real estate agency. The real estate investment advisers are also excellent guides in this area. They are able to suggest the best neighborhoods to invest based on numbers. This will give you a solid basis for your decisions.

Consider investing in the Pinel law

The Pinel law is a law intended to increase rental investments. It is very advantageous in the sense that if you decide to buy a new property under the Pinel law and you rent it for a certain period of time, you can take advantage of tax reductions interesting. You have the choice between six, nine or twelve years and your tax reductions are dependent on the duration during which your property is rented. They are from 12% for a period of six years, 18% for a period of nine years and 21% for a period of 12 years.

Moreover, with this option, you can still benefit from the tax advantages, even if the tenant is a member of your family. This allows you to possibly help a loved one while reducing your taxes. The Pinel law is also a good way to ensure stable and regular collection of rents.

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Visit all your acquisitions in person

Investing in new does not mean that you have to neglect certain basic aspects of real estate. One of the most important rules is not to buy anything until you see it. Having photos is certainly appreciable, but you must make sure to visit the property you plan to buy.

Indeed, through a visit, there are certain practical aspects that you will notice and that can help you make your choice. In this sense, you can check the proximity to establishments essentials such as supermarkets, bakeries or dry cleaners. You should not forget about hospitals, pharmacies and shopping centers.

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Housing more or less close to such infrastructures will naturally be more popular than another. Thanks to a visit to the property and its surroundings, these are details that you will be able to notice. If it is totally impossible for you to visit the property yourself, it may be wise to delegate this task to someone you trust. In this way, you will have a faithful return of the observations made on the spot.

Have the property appraised before buying it

A good investor does not rush when he seems to have an opportunity. The watchword is still and always analysis. When you have a property in sight, you must learn to negotiate the best offer for the acquisition. This is also part of the investment. You will therefore have to think about reducing as much as possible the capital to be invested. In this sense, the offers made to you should not automatically be considered realistic.

Before making your decision, it is therefore preferable to carry out a real estate valuation in order to sort out the good and the bad offers. This is a step that will allow you to determine the approximate value of your property based on a multitude of parameters. These include, for example, its geographical location, surface area, condition, facilities, structure, etc. To make an estimate that is as realistic as possible, it is also important to take into account the economic context, as well as the prices that are usually applied in Bordeaux for investment in new buildings.

These are all elements that are difficult to master when you do not have an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market. With the agreement of the seller, the best thing to do is to ask for the opinion experts in real estate valuation. They will be able to determine if the offer you received is actually reasonable. If they think this is not the case, you can offer the offer that suits you best. This allows you to conduct negotiations in a good way, without feeling like you’re getting a bad deal.

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Stay informed of big changes

The real estate market is not fixed. He is subject to fluctuation. In this sense, it is important to stay informed of the various major changes made in this area. It can be new laws for example. They can affect various aspects of the market, including prices. In order not to be taken aback, it is advisable to find a way to keep yourself informed. To do this, several solutions are available to you.

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The first is to consult the platforms adapted. Like any major area of ​​investment, real estate has a multitude of platforms dedicated to it. The latter, in addition to advising, inform about the changes made in the field. By regularly consulting this type of platform, you can easily to anticipate and better prepare you for certain situations. To make it more convenient, consider just subscribing to receive notifications. To keep an eye on real estate news, you can also subscribe to physical magazines specializing in the field.

Another of the options available to you is the possibility of join a community of investors. This type of organization generally aims to share expertise, but also information. You will therefore come out twice as a winner. In addition to keeping you informed, you will be able to take advantage of advice advised. This can be very useful considering the fact that you may sometimes face uncertainties.

In the field of real estate, anticipation allows you to secure your investments and surf the trends to your advantage. Therefore, you should not consider this phase superfluous. The ideal is to combine various methods in order to multiply your sources. As a general rule, information is true when it is repeated by several sources. This saves you from unnecessary alarm.

However, while you need to stay informed, not all information is good news. There will inevitably be some incorrect information that will reach you. You can limit them as much as possible by relying solely on sources safe. For example, avoid getting information only on social networks. This will force you to have to filter a larger flow of information. Give preference to those from the media of major real estate groups or reference sites.

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