Selling your house quickly: our 5 tips

Have you put a property up for sale? Despite this, you do not have a large number of returns? Here are some tips that will help you market your property quickly.

First of all, you should know that there is no universal time frame for the sale of real estate, because each case is specific. With the difficulties observed in the market in recent years, things are not improving so much; moreover, sales times are tending to increase. However, you generally need an average of three or four months to market your property. There are cases where everything will go very quickly.

Do not overexpose your property

The first advice to observe is the overexposure of your property. People tend to think that to market a property quickly, you have to increase the number of listings in real estate agencies, increase the number of advertisements on the web and much more. However, this is not the right approach to follow, because potential buyers tend to be wary of properties that appear too often on several sites at the same time. You just need to focus on one or two effective delivery channels.

A clear and concise announcement

Don’t overload your ad. Indeed, your ad should not be boring. It should be clear and brief. Potential buyers often have multiple listings to sift through; therefore, they often skim through them, looking for useful information such as: price, type of heating, location, surface, number of bedrooms and others. So don’t waste your time giving too much detail in your ad (such as the number of square meters of each room) or adding unnecessary information such as the color of the carpet in your living room, for example. Include only relevant information.

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Take quality photos

You need to take photos that arouse desire. You do not need to hire the services of a professional photographer for this. This is your accommodation. Therefore, you know exactly what is able to attract the attention of a potential buyer. You should not neglect this step. To do this, you just need to store and clean the parts you want to photograph. Put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyer and try to visualize the thing. Also try to improve the decoration of your property as much as possible. Above all, do not mix personal photos and photos of your personal items with photos of your property.

Define the selling price correctly

Reconsider the selling price of your property. The difficulties encountered when selling real estate generally come from the selling price, which is often poorly adapted. In general, prices have been falling in recent years. So, if you want to market your property quickly, put aside your hopes of realizing a nice capital gain and be realistic. Find out about the prices in your area and why not in your city in general. If you observe properties identical to yours at lower prices, it is clear that you are less likely to charm potential buyers.

Carry out work

Sellers often don’t appreciate this idea. However, they are winners in most cases, because they will be able to market their property with an added value. Doing work does not mean rebuilding the house or redeveloping it. You can just consider, for example, repainting the walls, so that your property is more attractive. In homes that look a bit old, you can also plan for modernization work. Note that you can get some help depending on your economic situation and the nature of the work planned.

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