Anytime account review: the account without a bank

Anytime is not a bank per se. Moreover, the entity wants to revolutionize the banking landscape by offering separate services. So what does this online bank, also called neobank, offer and who is it really intended for? Find out how Anytime works and its offers for individuals and professionals (craftsman, freelancer, self-employed, auto-entrepreneur, etc.). We tell you all about the advantages of the Anytime account which works without a bank.

Anytime: presentation

Anytime is what is called a neobank or online bank, as opposed to traditional financial organizations. Launched in 2014, the Anytime service offers an alternative and complementary mobile account to the bank. Its offer is aimed at both individuals and professionals.

On the other hand, signing up for Anytime is without engagement and is done via mobile access. Customers can have an Anytime account exclusively or in addition to another traditional bank account.

The services offered by Anytime

The services offered by Anytime are multiple: RIB, Mastercard, financial tools available in self-service to make transfers, manage finances, collect customers, send payment requests, etc.

All operations are carried out in real time in France and abroad. You can pay or send money anywhere in the world with Anytime.

Particular anytime account

Different types of Anytime account are offered to individuals:

  • individual account;
  • common account ;
  • young account;
  • and family account.

By subscribing to a particular Anytime account, you will have a nominative RIB allowing you to receive or issue transfers as well as one or more Mastercard cards to pay and withdraw money.

You will also have the possibility of taking out a loan between individuals (crowding) and deposit money into your account in a very fast way. Indeed, your account is funded in 2 minutes by debiting a Visa or Mastercard.

On the other hand, it is possible to deposit checks in your name and be reimbursed on an Anytime account. For this last operation, a simple mobile number is enough and there is no need to be an Anytime customer to send you money.

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Note: the cost of a standard private account is €9.50/month. And the premium version with additional services costs € 19.50 per month. See all detailed rates.

anytime pro account

The Anytime pro account is intended for all entrepreneurs (freelance, craftsman, self-employed, auto-entrepreneur, etc.). For these professionals, Anytime presents itself as an easy and economical solution for carrying out transactions in real time.

The entrepreneur who subscribes to an Anytime pro account has a RIB/IBAN in his name allowing him to be paid and to pay worldwide, in 30 currencies. Among the other solutions to be paid, there is the bank transfer, the payment terminal, the check, the SMS or email payment link, the on-site payment button. And to pay, the professional can use the Mastercard card, in virtual or real version, or make a SEPA or SWIFT bank transfer.

Anytime account: how to access your online account?

Companies in the process of being created or already created can open an Anytime pro account. Companies with the following legal form are accepted: SA, SAS, SASU, SARL, EURL, SCI.

Note that associations as well as the self-employed (self-employed, freelance, liberal profession) can also open an Anytime account.

Then, for individuals, there are two conditions. The first is to be of legal age and the second is to reside in one of the European Union countries from the following list: France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom , Austria.

And for minors wishing to open a youth account, parents must take the steps for them.

The formalities are particularly simple. Just go to the official Anytime website, then click on the « Open an account » button at the top right of the home page.

To open your Anytime account, bring one or two pieces of identification, proof of address less than three months old in your name and a valid mobile phone number.

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Namely: with regard to the joint account, whether it is a couple or joint tenants, the account will be in the name of a single responsible holder. However, it is possible to create several cards in the name of each user.

The advantages of Anytime

Anytime is a new generation bank that offers an alternative to traditional banks while maintaining the same classic services. For entrepreneurs, it is a quick and efficient solution to have a bank account and get paid from their customers. The various operations are carried out in real time, which is a major advantage.

Then, the Anytime services allow self-management of its accounts, which facilitates the procedures and makes the operations faster. You control your account remotely from your computer, digital tablet or smartphone. However, Anytime’s customer service remains fully reachable in the event of a problem.

On the other hand, by opening an anytime account, both the individual and the professional have a RIB in their name with an IBAN code as well as one or more Mastercard cards (real or virtual) and a bouquet of financial services to manage their money, in collect or send.

Finally, Anytime can be used as a secondary account, or appear as a main account, even if it is not really a bank. People registered with the Banque de France can find in Anytime an alternative to a bank account.

Anytime account review: customer reviews

Anytime is not part of the ranking of the best banks because its pricing remains quite high compared to other existing online banks. Nevertheless, Anytime figures as a effective solution for those who do not have access to traditional banks.

Even if customer reviews are to be taken with caution because they are subjective, it appears that the ratings assigned to Anytime are particularly good. And generally the reviews are positive. The majority of customers seem generally satisfied with Anytime’s services. However, some of them expose their disputes with online banking on the Internet.

The advantages of Anytime over its competitors

Accessible online, Anytime does not belong to any banking institution. Compared to its competitors, Anityme offers several advantages. It is aimed at professionals looking for services and prices corresponding to their activity. Click here to learn more about Anityme.

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Indeed, Anityme offers several different offers to best match the profile of the entrepreneur. It is more suitable for self-employed, self-employed and SMEs. This is one of the advantages of Anityme: all existing legal statuses (SAS, SASU, SARL, EURL, SCI…) are accepted and can create a professional account. This great flexibility allows many professionals to opt for Anityme.

But Anytime can also be suitable for individuals. One offer is only dedicated to young people aged 12 to 18. Parents can control the account through their smartphone and children can enjoy a bank card. Anityme also addresses bank bans. The offer of this neobank is accessible to everyone, even individuals without regular income or over-indebted.

Anityme has a very powerful mobile application. This allows you to open your account without a bank but also to manage your accounts, your transfers, to create a kitty with relatives and to send money by email or SMS. Anytime’s mobile application lets you block and unblock your Mastercard card, change your PIN code, make contactless payments and secure Internet purchases. Other options are possible such as editing invoices or managing cash flow.

Anytime is also distinguished by the quality of its additional services. It offers additional features, which are not found in its competitors. Although paying, these options can be very useful. These include, for example, the installation of payment terminals, the possibility of making a capital deposit, creating a company, etc.

Anytime offers efficient customer service. A very large number of answers are available on their site. Otherwise, it is possible to contact Anytime, by email, by chat accessible from the mobile application, or by telephone.

Anytime opinion: this neobank specializes in professional bank accounts but can come to those who do not have access to a traditional bank. The services offered are appreciated by customers because they are similar to those of a traditional bank.

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