Water purification diagnosis

A property, being sold or rented, must meet certain standards and prove its value as conforming to them. To do this, a number of real estate diagnoses are put in place, in order to compile the technical diagnostic file. We can speak, among other things, of the electrical diagnosis, gas, lead, indoor airthe one ECD or ERNT And the list is still long.

Some concern the sale in particular, others the rental. Whether it is a single-family home, a condominium or an establishment open to the public, these diagnoses adapt to each situation. At a certain moment, it is not just the owner who is required to carry them out, but also the municipality, as in the case of the water purification diagnosis.

What is the water purification diagnosis?

the water purification diagnosis consists of checking all the conduits constituting the individual water purification installation of the property, as well as examining its conformity. This is governed by the law of December 30, 2006.

A dwelling is obliged to be connected to a sewerage network, at the latest two years after its commissioning. This is one of the basics of constructing a building. It can be a connection to the public network, called the collective sanitation network of the municipality, or even an individual connection by installing a septic tank, for example.

In the first case, it is the municipality that takes everything into account, you have no obligation at this level. Whereas for the second case, the owner does not have the right to sell if he does not provide this document mentioning the conformity of his installation. In both cases, the municipality is responsible for carrying out the water purification diagnosis.

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How to carry out the water purification diagnosis?

If you have an individual water treatment system, before selling your property, you should call on an approved expert to provide you with a complete report on the compliance of your installation and thus have the possibility of selling your property.

Verification is done on three levels, the design of the water treatment system, its proper functioning and its maintenance. The level chosen depends considerably on the age of your building. For example, if the installation of a residence has not exceeded 8 years of existence, the expert in charge of the diagnosis must check the design of the installation, as well as its equipment. When it comes to a very old house, he must ensure the proper functioning of the sanitation system, as well as its maintenance in addition to standard checks.

Unfortunately, if the installation is not compliant, the owner is responsible for all repairs. Moreover, the expert must send him the list of work to be done as soon as possible. On the other hand, the owner has the possibility of turning to the municipality for a little financial help, it is enough just to inquire there to gather the maximum of information on the subject and to explore all the opportunities.

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