Astrological sign in February: Decans and dates

The month of February has 2 astrological signs: the Aquarius and the Pisces.

Discover which sign of the zodiac and which decan match your date of birth.

Aquarius of the second decan: January 30 – February 8

The most striking characteristic of Aquarius 2nd decan is their capacity for reasoning. They are light-hearted and enjoy light humor. They are also endowed with a creative and scientific spirit. With these qualities combined with their analytical and communication skills, you will find the greatest charmers of the zodiac!

2nd decan Aquarians greatly influence the people around them and make balanced decisions in life. Enthusiasm and passion for everything comes naturally to them. Not only are they good at communicating, but they are also curious people.

Aquarius of the third decan: February 9 – 18

Water carriers of the decan of Libra are refined people. Although they may lack depth in their emotions, they are extremely good with people. Seducing crowds, they make excellent statesmen/women and politicians. They care about the inside of people and are very idealistic and humanistic, constantly involved in a cause for the betterment of what they believe in.

They are good leaders and they also know how to stand out in the crowd. Naturally, they are also inclined to do social work for their community. However, they can also be more than the white suits of politics, expanding their horizons in fashion and all things creative. The natives of the third decan of Aquarius are adventurous. On the surface, they may look like social butterflies. However, they are very picky when it comes to choosing their friends and the people they want to hang out with. They can sometimes be unstable, especially if they feel neglected in a relationship.

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Pisces of the first decan: February 19 – 29

Ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisces of the first decan wander through life like soap bubbles – open to all sensations and experiences, elusive and sensitive. They have a mystical bent and are often mediums or at least very intuitive. The Pisces of the first decan care little about money, but love beautiful things and comfort, and therefore may need it. They are insecure and their lack of ego can cause people to take advantage of them.

February astrological calendar: signs and decans

Date Astrological sign Decan
February 1st Aquarius 2nd decan
February 2 Aquarius 2nd decan
February 3 Aquarius 2nd decan
February 4 Aquarius 2nd decan
February 5 Aquarius 2nd decan
February 6 Aquarius 2nd decan
February 7 Aquarius 2nd decan
February 8 Aquarius 2nd decan
February 9 Aquarius 2nd decan
February 10 Aquarius 3rd decan
February 11th Aquarius 3rd decan
12 February Aquarius 3rd decan
February 13 Aquarius 3rd decan
February 14th Aquarius 3rd decan
February 15 Aquarius 3rd decan
February 16 Aquarius 3rd decan
February 17 Aquarius 3rd decan
February 18 Aquarius 3rd decan
February 19 Pisces 1st decan
February 20 Pisces 1st decan
the 21st of February Pisces 1st decan
February 22 Pisces 1st decan
February 23 Pisces 1st decan
February 24 Pisces 1st decan
February 25 Pisces 1st decan
February 26 Pisces 1st decan
February 27 Pisces 1st decan
February 28 Pisces 1st decan
February 29 Pisces 1st decan

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