What is a furnished flatshare?

Furnished shared accommodation is the fact of making a joint rental or more exactly of sharing in common an already furnished accommodation. After signing their lease with the landlord, the joint tenants all have the same duties and rights vis-à-vis the landlord. Indeed, the joint tenant enjoys the same rights as any tenant. He has the right to move and live freely in the accommodation. In general, a furnished flatshare will take place in an apartment, but an already furnished room can also be easy to find. It all depends on your budget. But who are the people who could live in a furnished shared apartment? A furnished flat share can be made between students, which is very common, or between single-parent families or between seniors. A couple can also live in a furnished flatshare.

Roommate contract

Before embarking on a collocation, it is advisable to know the outcomes and the proponents of the colocation contract. For this, it is necessary to distinguish between the contract for a furnished or empty accommodation and the types of contracts which include different contracts, one per roommate and one for all the roommates. The lease of a shared furnished accommodation is subject to articles 25-3 to 35-11 of the law of July 6, 1989. In these articles, the contract must be completed for a period of one year or nine months for students . And he is tacitly renewed, except for the duration of nine months and in the event of a contrary decision by the owner or the joint tenants. Indeed, the owner has the right to break the lease at its expiry. But he must respect a notice of 3 months and incite the reason for the rupture. The joint tenants can terminate the rental contract at any time, subject to one month’s notice.

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Advantages of a furnished flatshare

A rented and furnished house or apartment must meet specific conditions of decency, but above all of comfort. In excellent condition, the roommates must be able to sleep, wash and cook there in good conditions. For this this type of housing must include a sufficient number of furniture and equipment necessary for daily needs.

In a furnished rental, the advantages are multiple. First, the characteristics of the lease. Indeed, the contract is less binding. It allows you to leave the accommodation at any time and without justification, even before the end of the contract. Then, by embarking on a furnished flatshare, you will no longer need to buy household appliances or furniture since these are already included in the accommodation. And finally, between roommates, by sharing the rent and the bills, it will be easy for you to pay them.

How to live well in shared accommodation?

The joint tenancy admits not only obligations of the joint tenants towards their landlord or lessor, but also between them in order to live well in shared accommodation. To harmonize and sustain life between roommates, it is important above all to choose your roommates carefully.

Then, enforce internal regulations within the small community. And finally, it is essential to properly distribute the costs such as insurance, rent, charges and miscellaneous costs in an equitable manner. Moreover, living with a roommate requires mutual respect and a certain amount of good communication and tolerance from each roommate.

It is also necessary to establish rules to live the best shared accommodation. As a result, you can draw up and display a schedule for each roommate to prevent and organize sharing moments. This is also valid for household chores.

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