Radon diagnosis: what is it?

It is true that the vast majority of real estate diagnostics are mandatory, but there are some diagnostics that remain optional, such as the case of radon diagnostics.

What is radon diagnosis?

Before even discussing the diagnosis, we must talk about radon itself. Moreover, it is a toxic gas, painless and colorless, which can only be detected by a precise analysis. Its existence has been linked to the earth’s crust since the dawn of time. However, since 1986, it has been listed as a possible cause of lung cancer due to its radioactivity. It can manifest itself either in the water we drink or in the air we breathe.

Thus, it becomes necessary to carry out the radon diagnosis to prevent prolonged exposure to the gas and thus avoid catching lung cancer.

How to carry out the radon diagnosis?

Radon gas can easily sneak into the pipes of your property, reaching you directly. Unfortunately, it can only be detected by thorough analysis and regular sampling. Its concentration rate varies from one municipality to another. Its classification makes it possible to determine its degree of danger to the health of the occupants of the property.

Despite all the danger that radon presents to public health, the diagnosis related to it remains optional. But you should know that there is a set of prevention techniques that avoid contamination, called radon reduction techniques.

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To carry out a radon diagnosis, it is necessary to call on an approved expert. However, the diagnostician must be in possession of a certification for nuclear safety and for professional indemnity insurance.

Who is the radon diagnosis for?

The areas at high risk of the presence of radon are numerous and all the properties located in these areas are concerned by the radon diagnosis. It is true that this control is optional, but this only concerns personal accommodation. Therefore, establishments open to the public such as schools, hospitals, hostels, prisons and spas, must be subjected to a radon diagnosis.

When should a radon diagnosis be scheduled?

Any owner of a property can choose to carry out a radon diagnosis at any time. If there is a high concentration of this compound, it becomes essential to carry out this control. Moreover, you can carry out an initial screening using a radon dosimeter at €25, according to a sensitive approach that must be followed to the letter for the most reliable results.

These first results will allow the owner to decide whether to carry out a more in-depth study on the presence of radon or not, insofar as hiring an expert can prove to be very expensive.

If it is claimed that your property is contaminated, two actions seem necessary to overcome the radon problem. This involves installing a mechanical ventilation system or permanently ventilating the different rooms of the house. You can also renovate the basement for better sealing and control of the pipes.

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