Increase the value of your home: how to do it?

How to go about increasing the value of your home? Follow our practical advice to resell your home at the best price. There are easy ways to pass on a better legacy to your children. Increase in living space, layout, construction of a garage… Discover all the tips for successfully selling your apartment or house easily. Add value to your home and make your future buyer fall in love. We also tell you what home staging consists of.

Organize your accommodation attic conversion and extension

By organizing your apartment or your house in a different way, you will give it value. Earn a room by converting your attic or extending it. The second solution remains a very effective and profitable way to increase the selling price of your house. Before starting the work, find out from the town hall whether or not a building permit is required.

In the same way, easily transform your reduced spaces into a pleasant place to live. Sometimes it is enough to knock down a partition to open up a room, give it a new perspective or bring more light to it.

Note, in a condominium, pay attention to the load-bearing structures. Authorization from the general meeting is essential.

Planning a basement or building a garage?

We advise you not to develop the basement, which is tricky. Generally, this type of development requires reinforcement of the foundations, which requires very significant work (and therefore additional costs, etc.).

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On the other hand, owning a garage will give added value to your home, especially in urban areas. Building a garage can add up to 20% to the value of a house in town, where places are scarce and expensive.

home staging, a well maintained and furnished home

A well-kept house turns out much easier to sell than a dilapidated house. Improve the major rooms of your home by carrying out neat work. If you don’t have any renovation skills, call in a professional. Choose a complete, practical and functional layout, especially in the kitchen. Also take special care with the decoration by focusing on neutral colors. This is the principle of home staging. The future buyer must project himself into your house. The operation consists of decluttering your home of your personal items.

Electricity and plumbing must imperatively be up to standard. Please note that poorly carried out work can invalidate your home insurance contract. Do all your small jobs yourself: painting, replacing a seal, changing a damaged handle… Your visitors should never have the impression of a neglected house.

Transform your interior into a commercial product and make the most of the space possible. The future buyer must be able to move around the house easily. Bet on fluidity and plan about 70 cm free between each zone. Another important element is the function of each part. The future buyer must be able to clearly identify the function of each part. The office, for example, should not be used as a storage room.

Also remember to clear light sources. Pay particular attention to the openings by highlighting them with a pretty pair of curtains, for example. And never furniture or bulky object in front of a window. The future buyer must have the image of a bright home.

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Highlight the exterior with plants. Brighten up your balcony, terrace or garden with flowering plants and colorful garden furniture…

Estimate the selling price of your home

To estimate the value of your home, be methodical there too. Before calling on a notary to estimate your accommodation, do your own research. There are free online valuation sites such as or

The other trick is to compare your property with others for sale by scouring the various classifieds sites. This will give you an idea of ​​the prices in your area.

Finally, the opinion of an expert will effectively complete your research. Trust your notary or a real estate expert. This professional will also use economic and technical tools to determine the selling price of your property.

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Why estimate a house online before wanting to increase its value?

With a market that continues to evolve from month to month, it is clear that real estate estimates are increasingly difficult to assess! And for good reason, we see very clearly that estimating a house can be counterproductive if you don’t go about it the right way. Thus, you may want to increase the value of your home on a basis that does not quite reflect reality…

On the other hand, by choosing to make an estimate of a house online, you will be able to put all the chances on your side to achieve your ends. In just a few clicks, you will indeed be able to benefit from a clear and precise estimate of the value of your house, or your apartment. Subsequently, when you can decide to embark on work to increase the value of your property, you will be able to do so knowing that you are doing it for good reasons. All you have to do is get started with this first estimation step before going any further!

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