Virgo weekly horoscope for the week of June 28 – July 4



This week, you will want to… do nothing! This is an excellent time to begin your meditation practice.

You might consider closing your office door and turning off your phone to enjoy some alone time because you won’t have the heart to work. This week, be careful what you say because the walls have ears. Information could be spread by your fault so beware of controversy!



You’ll want to retreat to your bubble early this week. Venus may prompt you to take a break from dating. However, it can also encourage you to spend more quality time with your significant other. so you can connect on a deeper level. Either way, meeting your spiritual needs and getting rest will be of the utmost importance.

By July 1, you may find it difficult to assume your responsibilities in your relationship. As Mars opposes Saturn, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed by all the little things on your to-do list, which can cause pressure in your relationship.



This week’s program will be full of introversion and loneliness. Venus will encourage you to take the time to soak up your ability to reflect and think for yourself. By July 28, you’ll be concocting some pretty bright plans for your career by taking the time to be more reflective. The astral climate helps you discover your goals from within.

All that internal energy can make you feel like you’re putting off the roof. You may find it difficult to start the engine and manage your workload. Have confidence in your ability to get through this period of stagnation. It’s a marathon, not a race.

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