Astrological portrait of Gemini ascendant Gemini

Character traits of Gemini ascendant Gemini

If you were an animal, you would be a butterfly, if you were a dish, you would be an artichoke heart, light, unstable, curious, interested in everything and everyone, you brush up against, forage and you never land. An eternal adolescent look, you never know boredom, for good reason, you are double by nature. Two college students on a spree constantly dialogue in your mind. Communicating, debating, extrovert, you are discreet, frank and pleasant to be around, if at first you pass for someone talkative, you nonetheless remain thoughtful and calm in your words, in fact, you never say nothing to chance and it takes a lot of finesse to understand the allusions and innuendo that you pass through your verb. Loneliness is not your cup of tea, you are more of worldliness than tete a tete. The Gemini ascendant Gemini has an intellect in constant movement, he can be nervous, unstable, even changeable…. So remember to ask yourself from time to time.

Gemini ascendant Gemini and love

Independent, aerial, inconstant, eternal dissatisfied, your sentimental journey is ambiguous, sinuous. You don’t like habits and everyday life weighs on you quickly. This aspect of controlling and interpreting your emotions does not congratulate your emotional stabilization. Unpredictable, you may very well fall in love and over the next few days find that you are attracted to another person. In addition to being passionate, the ascendant Gemini quickly feels bored and he trapped in the relationship he maintains and which often pushes him to flee and look elsewhere.

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As a couple, he relies on communication, dialogue, he doesn’t like boredom and isolation and nothing frustrates him more than solitude together.

Gemini ascendant Gemini and LaborGemini

Despite your carefree, casual and inconstant appearances, you can be serious, quick and efficient in your work. A good analytical mind allows you to quickly analyze the data of any problem and find the solution. Particularly adaptable, you are not afraid of changes and challenges that allow you to change your habits and review the way you work. You need to diversify your work so as not to fall into boredom and it is not uncommon to see yourself working several at the same time. The Gemini ascendant Gemini has a sense of organization all their own and they thrive in an « orderly mess. »

Gemini Ascendant Gemini and Health

Chronic fatigue, plagued by stress, the resistance of Gemini ascendant Gemini is unstable, irregular, on the other hand his energy capital is lively but stealthy, on the other hand he has a great ability to regenerate quickly. He lives at full speed with an irregular daily rhythm that goes from calm to stormy weather.

Some weak points to watch out for in Gemini ascendant Gemini

The shoulders, the windpipe, the lungs, the nervous system are your weak points, so you can suffer from rheumatism, pain in the joints, chronic bronchitis. Beware of climatic differences which can have direct repercussions on your body. Overwork and fatigue weaken you psychologically and you are easily prey to stress and anxiety.

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