Astrology forecast for September 2021

September is a month to set the stage for what is to come.

October is a month of huge cosmic changes, and it looks like throughout September we will have murmurs of this energy. We may begin to feel the need to make changes in our own lives, or we may see things changing in the world around us.

This can be especially magnified when we cross the September equinox, which represents the midpoint point on the astrological wheel.

The equinox is a very sensitive time of the year which thins the veil and allows us to more easily feel the subtle energies. It also indicates that we have reached a turning point in our own journey through the astrological wheel.

The wheel of astrology begins in the season of Aries and ends in the season of Pisces. The season of Libra, which occurs this month, is the middle of that wheel and brings about a change in the flow and direction of energy. This change of energy is also reflected in nature as we move into the season of spring or fall, both of which bring so many changes and transitions.

Let’s take a closer look at what lies ahead for September 2021 –

September 2021 Astrology

September 1 – Your personal year and month number line up

Each year we have a personal year to work with according to numerology. This personal year number may indicate some of the themes and lessons we work with throughout the year. While our personal year remains the same throughout 2021, we also have a personal month number. This monthly issue can help us dig deeper into how we can experience the themes of the coming month. In September however, our personal year count and our personal month count are always the same, which gives numerology additional influence. September is a month when we can really focus on the energy that this number gives us.

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September 6 – New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo is a mixture of energy. It can spark feelings of adventure and productivity, but it can also set us back deeper to discover or work with certain generational or ancestral wounds. Asteroid Nessus, known as the Ancestral Healer, is very active on this New Moon, and we may become more aware of a generational cycle, or patterns from our childhood that we no longer need to wear. New Moons are usually a time to set intentions and welcome new beginnings. If something from the past comes to your awareness, use that energy to think about how you can change and transform this energy to serve yourself better in the future.

September 7 – Mercury enters the shadow period

Mercury is starting to slow down as it prepares to retrograde later in the month. This slowing down period is called the shadow period. At this point, it is recommended to slow down and think about what projects we want to work on, rather than adding something new.

September 10 – Venus enters Scorpio

Venus leaves the air sign of Libra to enter the water sign of Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio can help us connect with our more sensual side, making it easier for us to connect with our desires. Venus in Scorpio is also a very sensitive placement, so we can feel very intuitive or aware.

September 14 – Mars enters Libra

Mars’ entry into Libra is a milestone this year, as while it is in this air sign, it aligns with the Sun. It takes place on October 7th, but as of today we are likely to feel the buildup of this energy. Strong Martian energy can make us productive, energetic, and fearless to move forward, but it can also trigger passionate emotions and lead to burnout if we’re not careful. Finding the right balance will be the key!

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September 20 – Pisces Full Moon

The Pisces Full Moon is always sensitive. We may feel more expressive or even a little cranky. Neptune is active on this Full Moon, which could cloud our judgment or create some confusion. With Mercury on the verge of retrograde soon, that foggy feeling can be amplified. While this is still true, this is definitely the time to trust your intuition! If something is wrong, listen, pause, and pay attention. Wait for clarity to come before moving forward.

September 22/23 – Autumn Equinox

A pivotal and special day in the month! It is a turning point in the flow of energy. We can feel this change radiating through our being and through certain areas of our life. Now is the time to connect with the healing energies of Mother Nature and welcome the transitional season that awaits us.

The Sun is also moving in Libra on this day, drawing our attention to our relationships and how we choose to balance the energy of give and take in our lives. During Virgo season we are encouraged to be independent and use our inner resources, but now that we have built these resources, it is time to share, connect with others, and learn to ask for help. to others as well.

September 26 – Mercury retrograde in Libra

Mercury enters its last retrograde cycle of the year. Mercury will remain retrograde until October 18. Mercury is considered the messenger planet. When she travels retrograde, she unearths messages from our past that we may have overlooked or missed the first time around. You may have to wait until Mercury has completed its retrograde to receive these messages, so be patient! Mercury retrograde can sometimes cause delays or communication problems, but try to see them as messages from Mercury – what is your messenger planet trying to communicate with you?

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