Which parent is Taurus?

The Taurus parent: patient and forgiving

Parents of the Taurus sign have inexhaustible patience, they are ready to endure the many tricks of their offspring and organize their daily life according to the interests of their children. Surprisingly, this attitude towards children does not exhaust parents at all, everything happens quite naturally.

Taurus is a wonderful parent, combining a highly developed mind, kindness, strong intuition and common sense. These qualities will best help educate the younger generation and steer children on the right path in life.

Taurus is always ready to help his children in word and deed, to guide them. The Taurus parent shows firmness in solving problems.

The Taurus parent has a fundamental influence in the lives of their children. Patient, he always greets them with a smile and a hug. He knows what really matters, so he rarely gets angry over trifles.

The Taurus parent can have a tendency to spoil their young too much. Because he just wants to make them happy, but the key is to do things in moderation.

Her children are fully aware of her love. Affectionate, he teaches his children the core Taurus values ​​of loyalty, hard work and endurance.

The relationship of the Taurus parent with his child

Stable, secure, and loving, the Taurus parent provides an ideal base that their children know they can always come back to. The Taurus parent trusts all the gifts and abilities of their offspring. He doesn’t always have a hand, not because he doesn’t care, but because he knows how nice it is to do something on his own. Taurus parents know the power of hugs. However, he can be disappointed if his child does not reach his potential. The Taurus parent doesn’t necessarily say “I love you” often, but that’s only because it’s implied and obvious! The Taurus parent takes care and notices little details about each of their children, celebrating their unique personalities and making each one feel special.

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Mother Taurus

The Taurus mother has very strong feelings for her child and shows him love and a lot of affection. She is very worried about any discomfort in her child and tries to satisfy his every whim. Gradually, such an attitude towards the child can affect their relationship. The Taurus Mom will take a second role and obey her child, and the child can begin to command his mother.

Out of great love for her child, the Taurus mother can shower him with gifts, which can make him somewhat materialistic.

The Taurus mother is very gentle with a newborn baby, but with older children she can be severe at times, which can negatively affect the relationship. During a period of transition, the Taurus mother can be confused by the disobedience of her children. Taurus loves stability, comfort, beauty and harmony, so the Taurus mother tries to pass these qualities on to her children.

Father Taurus

Father Taurus devotes a lot of free time to his children, forming in them a belief in their inherent abilities, educating them in many ways, inspiring and supporting the positive beginnings of his offspring, teaching good manners, investing finances in the future of his children. This parent can, however, be arrogant at times.

As a father, Taurus serves their child as an example of determination, reliability, perseverance, patience and quiet. With his children, he is sincere and honest and tries to instill in his children the same qualities. The Taurus father shows love and care to his child, who sees his father as the best and easily follows him.

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However, in addition to the qualities of the father, the child also benefits from his shortcomings. The shortcomings of the Taurus father can be the constant pursuit of profit and caution. Father Taurus must not forget that human qualities must be valued before any material benefit.

Taurus parent, Aries child

A high-energy Aries can be hard to tame for a Taurus parent. Taureans love to watch their fearless Aries push their limits, and hugs can anchor little Aries.

Taurus parent, Taurus child

Taurus parents know what their Taurus child is going through, but they can be frustrated by their stubbornness. The Taurus parent knows that being stuck in their ways can hold them back and can try to push their Taurus child out of their comfort zone, creating a ‘do what I say, not what I do’ dynamic.

Taurus parent, Gemini child

The Gemini child can test the limits of Taurus. Although sensitive to emotions, Taurus may not understand why their Gemini child is so sensitive. Attempts to « harden » a Gemini baby should be avoided and given a lot of love to fill the communication gap.

Taurus parent, Cancer child

The Taurus parent is often mystified by the depth of their Cancer child’s emotions. But these earth and water signs share a mutual respect and love each other deeply. Taurus parents can learn more about the emotional openness of little Cancer.

Taurus parent, Leo child

Little Leo makes a Taurus parent both happy and exasperated. While a Taurus is proud to see the innate confidence that their little Leo brings to the world, sometimes the Taurus parent may wish their child was a little less intense. But this duo works well, and Leo likes the stability that Taurus gives them.

Taurus parent, Virgo child

A solid combination, this earth signs duo is rooted and has a lot in common. What may be missing is motivation, so it’s up to the Taurus parent to push their Virgo child out of their comfort zone, whether it’s trying new foods, or playing with new ones. friends or indulge in a new activity.

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Taurus parent, Libra child

Both drawn to fun, the Taurus parent and little Libra enjoy exploring the beauty of the world and have similar tastes in art, music, and the performing arts. The Taurus parent may be confused by their little Libra’s insistence on hiding their true feelings so that people are happy. Teaching them how to speak up when things are bothering them is key.

Taurus parent, Scorpio child

The intense Scorpio can be a challenge for the laid-back Taurus – it’s a good thing that bulls thrive on the challenge. A little Scorpio is the opposite of Taurus in many ways, but recognizing and not judging personality differences is key in this relationship. Where Scorpio inspires Taurus to live boldly, Taurus can teach Scorpio to calm down.

Taurus parent, Sagittarius child

The fiery Sagittarius feels secure with a Taurus parent, who can encourage them to explore their passions. Both honest (sometimes wrongly), these signs will connect with integrity, and Taurus parents will never have to worry about their Sagittarius offspring lying to them.

Taurus parent, Capricorn child

These two home-like signs love family and traditions. A little Capricorn admires their Taurus parent, and the Taurus parent can help their Capricorn child learn to relax, have fun, and work hard to create.

Taurus parent, Aquarius child

Social and fun, this parent-child duo is likely to play for hours on end. An Aquarius child can be a bit more introspective than their Taurus parent, and while a Taurus parent can help them grounded, Aquarius can remind Taurus that it’s not just logic in life. .

Taurus parent, Pisces child

Both drawn to art and music, this parent-child relationship can be amazing. Pisces can help Taurus adjust to their emotional side, and Taurus can help Pisces move forward without getting bogged down in feelings.

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