Closing an A booklet at the Post Office: how to do it?

Do you have a livret A at the Postal Bank, and wish to close it for various reasons? Follow the procedure to do this as easily as possible. We tell you all about the waiting times and the letter to send to La Poste to close your savings account.

Closing his booklet A at the Post Office, delays

With regard to savings accounts, there are no specific clauses or conditions in terms of deadlines, unlike an insurance contract, for example. You are perfectly entitled to close your passbook at the bank whenever you wish. And this, completely free of charge.

The closing of your booklet A can be done immediately if you go there and in person at a La Poste agency. In the event of a remote approach, by post, telephone or email, closing times are much longer. In fact, it depends on the person who will take care of your request and their responsiveness…

To speed up the waiting period for closing, be sure to provide all the supporting documents so that your file is complete. Do not delay the procedure with missing mandatory parts.

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Steps to close a savings account

Move to an agency

There are several solutions for closing your account at the Postal Bank. The most effective is to go directly to the agency. If your livret A includes a large sum of money, make an appointment with an advisor. This will save you unnecessary travel. Indeed, the person at the counter can refuse you the closing.

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Sending by post

If you do not have an agency nearby, you can very well carry out the procedures by mail. This is a relatively reliable means provided you send your letter by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Also provide the supporting documents so as not to waste time. In this way, a single letter will suffice. Your request will be completed within approximately one week.

Closing request by email

Practical, the process by email can also be longer… You will have to wait several days before obtaining a positive response accompanied by a confirmation of closure.

For your request to succeed easily, send your email to a specific contact (your adviser, for example). To carry out the procedure electronically, it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment such as a printer. Indeed, you will have to provide supporting documents.

By telephone

This is not the most suitable way to cancel your savings account. The person on the phone will list the mandatory documents to provide, but will not be able to process your request online.

By using this means of communication, you will not keep any trace of the exchanges. This can be detrimental in the event of a dispute.

The supporting documents to be provided to close your booklet A

For any request to close a savings account, the Postal Bank will ask you for the required supporting documents:

  • copy of identity document front / back;
  • proof of address (rent receipt, gas bill, etc.).
  • handwritten letter to request the closing of the booklet.

On the Internet, you will find standard letter templates to close your Livret A account at the Postal Bank.

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Once the cancellation has been made, La Poste will give you a certificate of closure. This will be signed by the hand of an advisor.

Interest accrued over the current year will be paid to you when the booklet is closed.

If after 2 to 3 weeks, your cancellation request has not been taken into account, do not hesitate to follow up with the postal agency.

If in doubt about whether or not you have a La Poste savings account, contact the Banque de France on 0811 901 801.

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