DEBT CONTENTIA: Why is Contentia asking me for money?

You do not know the Contentia company when you have just received a letter asking for a certain sum from it? So you wonder why you just received this Contentia debt?

A collection company, Contentia is effectively responsible for claiming from debtors the debts they owe to the company’s client companies.

What then does Contentia actually do? Why are you getting a letter from him? And how can you easily pay off your debt?

Contentia: a collection company

A collection company for unpaid debts, Contentia takes care of the claim of the debts of its client companies. For this, she can reach the debtor by email or by phone or by mail. The recovery of debts is generally done amicably. Only, in the event that the debtor concerned refuses payment, the company can initiate legal proceedings.

Thus, if you have contracted a debt to a company for which you have not yet repaid, recently or a long time ago, Contentia, at the company’s request, will contact the debtor. It begins by making contact by sending you a letter, rather commercial, so that you settle your debts amicably. Different cases can also arise. What is certain, however, is that if Contentia contacts you, it is because you owe a company money.

You may have taken out a loan for which you could not repay for various reasons? You could not pay your mobile plan, your rent, your subscription or any bill due to financial problems? Contentia contacts you for the settlement of these debts.

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Settle your debts with Contentia

The first thing to do when you receive a debt settlement request from Contentia is to verify that you are the person concerned and that the requested money has not yet been effectively repaid. Checking done, you will have to think about settling your debts. Moreover, you can make the reimbursement directly at Contentia or contact the company concerned, especially if you want to negotiate the payment deadline.

If you have decided to settle your debts directly with Contentia, you have several means at your disposal, including:

  • Payment by credit card from the website
  • Payment by direct debit
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Payment by check or money order

Whatever the means of payment chosen, it is important to specify that you must not forget, under any circumstances, to clearly include your file number with Contentia. It is usually communicated to you in the follow-up mail sent by that debt collection company.

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What if you are not the source of this debt?

It may indeed happen that the debt which Contentia asks you to settle is completely unknown to you. In some cases, it may be someone you know who provided your address for payment. You can then inform your factor that the person no longer lives with you. As fraud and scams are more and more common these days, you could also have been the victim of identity theft. This is a situation that can happen, but you can always turn to a lawyer or a consumer protection company to find the best solutions.

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The usefulness of a collection company

Contenta is one of the best-known collection companies in France, quite simply because many companies have called on it in recent years for the collection of their debts, and that many French people have already received. a letter from him. The function of such a society, as we have seen, is to succeed in obtaining payment when all the other means which one has tried to employ have not given positive results. So if you too have problems, because you are unable to get paid the amount owed to you, you are certainly wondering how to call a collection company to have this problem resolved once and for all. for all. All you have to do is look on the internet, do your research, ask your service providers – your accountant or your communications agency – to find out if, on the off chance, they don’t know a reliable collection company. It happens to so many companies every year, of exhausting many remedies, without obtaining satisfaction, that many of them have already called upon a recovery service provider.

Far from wanting to recover all the sum that is due at once, on the spot, one collection company can guarantee certain payment facilities to the indebted one. This can be a payment in installments, to ensure that the person or the company, which is in debt, has sufficient funds to pay what it owes to its creditor, or to the one who has it. provided a service that was never paid for. For the entity that uses recovery specialists, it is the assurance that the matter will be settled as soon as possible. For the bad payer, this is a chance that is offered to pay what he owes without having legal proceedings or problems of this kind. Everyone wins, therefore, in a situation which is delicate, and which very often lasts for too long. Somewhere whoever had to pay a bill and didn’t do it will certainly sleep more peacefully, knowing that the sword of Damocles that was on his head is gone. The other part, she is reassured to see that she will no longer have to worry about a difficult file which lasted and could not be solved for good.

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