How do I get a bank check from BforBank?

You want to get a bank check from BforBank but we don’t know how to proceed? We will explain everything to you !

How can a seller have a guarantee that the buyer has the funds? How can you offer the seller the assurance that you, as the buyer, have the amount requested in your bank account? Quite simply, by paying the requested amount using a bank check.

This means of payment is highly appreciated by individuals and many companies request it for the purchase of second-hand vehicles, for example. The bank check works as follows: a person makes the request, the bank accepts it and takes the amount requested from its client’s current account in order to write the bank check in the right amount and sends it either to the person who made the request, or to the beneficiary directly. Thus the seller is reassured and the buyer will be able to take possession of the object he covets.

The bank check is also a very interesting element to carry out purchases between individuals, even for fairly small amounts (less than €1000). In this case, it is reassuring for both parties.

With BforBank, it is not difficult to carry out this manipulation. The steps are done from his customer area with ease, whether on a computer or on his smartphone.

bank check, according to BforBank

People who do not have a current account with BforBank will not be able to benefit from this service. It is essential to be a customer to benefit from it. A priori, it is not required to have a minimum of seniority to benefit from this service. On the other hand, it is obviously impossible to carry out a bank check request if the funds do not appear on the current account.

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Once you are connected to your Customer Area, you will have to click on the  » Account and Cards « . Several tabs appear. Choose  » Check » and it will be necessary to select « Bank check  » afterwards. At this stage, all the information relating to the bank check will be required. We will find the amount as well as the coordinates of the beneficiary. It will be necessary to be vigilant between people who work in their own name or in the name of the company.

It is not required to have a reason for making the request, just as no proof will be required. Those conditions are flexible and will appeal to many people.

In normal times, the bank check is free. Only, it is only within the framework of a simple sending. For more security, it is possible to consider sending by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. In this case, the shipment will be at your expense, up to 5€.

If you are not comfortable with the Internet and all these manipulations, know that it is possible to make the request by telephone. This is not a free process, unlike the mobile application or the website. It will cost 3€.

It is not impossible to request a cashier’s check and have to cancel it for many different reasons. In this case, you will have to contact BforBank’s customer service, which will explain all the steps to follow. They are not complicated. As soon as the bank receives the check with the mention « Cancelled », then you will receive the money in your current account.

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