Intrum Justitia: what is it?

Did you just receive a letter from Intrum? What is it really about? Whether you have outstanding payments or not, you may one day receive a letter from the company. Discover the missions of Intrum, and the procedure to follow in case of receipt of a letter from the company. Everything you need to know to settle your debt or contest it, and contact Intrum.

What is Intrum?

Under the name of Intrum hides a collection company. It is hired by companies to recover the amounts of unpaid invoices.

Founded in 1923, Intrum is already a market leader with a presence in 24 European countries. And it has more than 8,000 employees. The company has extensive expertise in credit management and financial services. In France, the company responds specifically to the challenges of financial relations.

Intrum: its fields of intervention

Intrum operates in several areas:

  • amicable collection : it is responsible for recovering the sums due, while taking care of the relationship between debtor and creditor. Often, Intrum offers installment payment solutions so that the debtor can settle his debts as calmly as possible given his personal financial situation;
  • judicial recovery : if Intrum fails to find an amicable solution, in agreement with the creditor, it will initiate legal proceedings on behalf of the latter in order to recover the debt. It has a network of partner lawyers and bailiffs in France and internationally;
  • Ia reactivation of receivables : Intrum offers its customers to relaunch the procedures. This makes it possible to reactivate old receivables that have remained unpaid;
  • the over-indebtedness : This is a long and expensive procedure. Intrum then becomes the intermediary between the debtor and the Banque de France, and manages the follow-up of the over-indebtedness file on behalf of the creditor. ;
  • acquisition of overdue receivables : companies transfer their unpaid invoices to Intrum. Intrum then becomes the debtor’s new creditor and collects the claim in its own name.
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Direct debit from my account by Intrum Justitia: Why ? Received a letter from Intrum: why?

There are several reasons why you may receive an e-mail from Intrum:

  • you have a debt to a company: perhaps it is a forgotten invoice? Reread all the letters received during the last months. In case of forgetting to pay, voluntarily or not, contact Intrum without delay by telephone or mail, indicating your file number, in order to find a payment solution together. If you do nothing, the procedure will continue;
  • Intrum has sent you a follow-up for a debt that you believe you do not owe (disambiguation, invoice already paid, disputed invoice, etc.). In this case, contact Intrum without delay by telephone or mail, indicating your file number, to explain the situation to them and send them the information necessary to process your dispute (photocopy of the termination letter with its AR, photocopy of the proof post office and/or the equipment return voucher, photocopy of the over-indebtedness plan (final version), photocopy of the judgment in the event of receivership, curatorship or guardianship, liquidation, etc.).
  • it is an old debt. Be aware that the processing time for files can sometimes be of the order of several months, and that even an old unpaid debt remains due;
  • you are behind in paying your bills. This can be a mobile phone or energy bill, for example. Companies like Orange, EDF, SFR… call on Intrum to carry out recovery work on their behalf. ;
  • you are a victim of identity theft. A malicious person usurps your identity. This type of fraud is proving to be a global scourge. By stealing your personal information (surname, first name, address, date of birth), a scammer can use your identity to open new bank accounts, take out loans, buy goods of various kinds, request a checkbook, etc. . It is therefore necessary to inform Intrum as soon as possible of this situation, and to send it a copy of your complaint for identity theft.
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Contact Intrum: coordinates

There are three ways to contact Intrum:

  • on the Internet, by going directly to the following link: Bring your username (visible on your mail). The company will also ask you for your password (the first five letters of your last name, in capital letters);
  • by phone, at the number indicated on the letter you received
  • by mail, by addressing your letter to the address indicated on the mail which you received. Do not forget to mention your file number.

Pay an Intrum debt: approaches

To pay your debt to Intrum, log on to the company’s website by following the following link: Enter your username and password to login.

Several means of payment are available to you to settle your debt:

  • by credit card by logging into the payment area;
  • in cash by going to the company’s premises (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., located at 97 allée Alexandre Borodine in Saint Priest). Note that for this means of payment, the regulations impose a maximum amount of 1000 euros per person and per month;
  • by check payable to Intrum France. To ensure that your payment is properly recorded, mention your file number in your correspondence;
  • by direct debit by contacting the company by telephone. The number is on the mail;
  • by bank transfer by contacting Intrum at the telephone number on the letter.

To know : with regard to communications (mobile or fixed) and the Internet, there is a limitation period of one year.

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Contact the Intrum mediator: approaches

You have an outstanding debt, but you disagree with this debt and your dispute has not been resolved following your complaint to Intrum? Know that it is quite possible to seize the Intrum mediator.

To do this, fill out the dedicated online form: this-debt/mediator-intrum/

Indicate your file number as well as your contact details (telephone, email) and the subject of your dispute. You also have the option of uploading a receipt.

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