How to protect yourself from theft when withdrawing from an ATM?

We have all seen this kind of scene on TV or in the cinema: a person withdraws money from a cash machine, then a few moments later, a thief is robbed of the cash they have come from. to get. Worse still, the person does not even have time to complete their operation, the offender threatens them to choose the largest possible amount of money on the ATM screen. Unfortunately, these scenes don’t just happen in fiction. To protect yourself as well as possible, and avoid this type of aggression, MoneyBanker gives you his advice.

What are the threats when withdrawing from an ATM, and how to avoid them?

There are different types of threat that can arise during a withdrawal:

  • Skimming: it is about putting a small discreet reader on the dispenser. This reader has the ability to record the information contained in the card via its magnetic strip.
  • Snatching: the user withdraws his tickets then walks away or puts them in his wallet. At that moment, he suffered a physical assault to wrest his property away from him.
  • Cash-trapping: this consists of blocking the exit of banknotes with an invisible object. The user will be convinced that the machine is not working, and will leave. It will then be enough for the thief to recover his blocking object to cause the tickets to exit.
  • The direct threat: this happens while the person is interacting with the distributor. The attacker will threaten with a weapon or words to force the user to withdraw as much money as possible and hand it over.
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To avoid this type of aggression, which is both traumatic and financially painful, MoneyBanker recommends that you take the following precautions:

  • Observe the general condition of the dispenser: if it seems damaged, it is better to postpone your withdrawal
  • Pay attention to your immediate surroundings: do you spot people with a threatening attitude? Is the place dark? Does the distributor have a surveillance camera?
  • Hide the keypad when entering your code
  • Do not withdraw too large sums of money if you are on a busy street
  • Prefer banks allowing access to a closed room

Can my bank reimburse me for theft of cash?

If, despite all these precautions, the theft still takes place, you can try to claim compensation from your bank. However, this procedure may well not be successful because the exact circumstances and your legitimacy will not always be easy to prove. For example, your bank may believe that you have been negligent. MoneyBanker recommends that you call on a banking mediator to support you in this process.

As a general rule, be aware that not all banking establishments are created equal. Bank charges, assistance, support, insurance … Many points must be taken into account when choosing an online bank or a traditional bank. Visit for more information.

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