Bank cards at the Banque Postale

La Banque Postale offers several bank cards valid both in France and internationally. Discover the range of postal credit cards. Top-of-the-range or prestige bank card, prepaid card, means of payment with systematic authorization… Focus on the ceilings, guarantees and advantages offered by each international bank card. We also tell you all about the rates for La Banque Postale cards.

Presentation of the different bank cards: ceilings, guarantees, benefits

The Réalys card

This blue card offers adapted payment and withdrawal limits.

  • Payment ceiling (over 7 rolling days): 300 euros maximum.
  • Withdrawal ceiling (over 7 rolling days): 800 euros maximum from La Banque Postale cash dispensers.

It also gives access to the entire Visa Electron network. For each transaction carried out, the Réalys card checks the balance of your account. This is a bank card with systematic authorization to prevent overdrafts. An advantage for people who spend money or who like to control their account rigorously!

Additional options are also available with the Réalys card. The 3D-Secure service secures your purchases on the Internet. On the other hand, the e-carte Bleue service allows you to pay for your purchases online without communicating your card number. Finally, the Western Union program allows you to benefit from advantageous rates on money transfers.

The Visa Classic card

This bank card offers you the possibility of paying and withdrawing anywhere in France and abroad.

  • Payment ceiling (over 30 rolling days): 3000 euros maximum.
  • Withdrawal ceiling (over 7 rolling days): 1,000 euros maximum from La Banque Postale cash dispensers.

Also benefit from insurance and assistance guarantees for your whole family thanks to the possession of this blue card.

Additional services are offered with this card. Visa Classic cardholders can take advantage of deferred debit to better manage their money. The card also benefits from the e-carte Bleue service as well as from the Western Union programme.

In addition to contactless payment, the Visa Classic offers the credit option. Cardholders can pay cash or credit. The 2-year manufacturer’s warranty extension insurance is also offered to them.

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Visa Premier card

The Visa Premier card has a certain flexibility of use. Make your purchases with this credit card in France and abroad and benefit from extended guarantees. Benefits in the form of discounts are also negotiated with major brands in the areas of travel, shopping and leisure.

It is a top-of-the-range bank card that allows you to benefit from payment and withdrawals with high ceilings. In addition, telephone assistance is available to cardholders 24/7.

  • Payment ceiling (over 30 rolling days): 8000 euros maximum.
  • Withdrawal ceiling (over 7 rolling days): 1,500 euros maximum from La Banque Postale cash dispensers.

Visa Premier cardholders can also take advantage of additional services. Among them, deferred debit, the e-carte Bleue service, the credit option so as not to pay cash as well as contactless payment.

The Visa Platinum card

The particularity of the Visa Platinum card is to offer the possibility of large payments and withdrawals. The blue card is used both in France and around the world.

  • Payment ceiling (over 30 rolling days): 12,000 euros maximum.
  • Withdrawal limit (over 7 rolling days): 3,000 euros maximum from La Banque Postale cash dispensers.

The insurance and assistance guarantees are extended in terms of trip cancellation, vehicle rental, repatriation due to illness, etc.

On the other hand, a personal assistant service is made available to the card holder. And this, from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. This facilitates the organization of daily life with regard to setting up a trip, reserving a table at the restaurant, booking a rental vehicle, finding a service provider, etc.

With the Visa Platinum card, you can also take advantage of deferred debit to better manage your cash flow, the e-carte Bleue, the credit option and contactless payment.

The Visa Infinite card

This prestigious Banque Postale card is valid in France and abroad. It has significant capacities in payment and withdrawal.

  • Payment ceiling (over 30 rolling days): 20,000 euros maximum.
  • Withdrawal limit (over 7 rolling days): 5,000 euros maximum from La Banque Postale cash dispensers.
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Cardholders can have a concierge team. The concierge service is available every day and at any time. Benefit from privileges and services thanks to the card by being offered tailor-made answers. All requests, even the most urgent or unusual, are satisfied.

Having a Visa Infinite card gives you full access to the Visa Infinite club. All you have to do is register on the Internet to take advantage of privileges (outings and exceptional visits, special events, preferential rates, etc.).

The Banque Postale bank card – Western Union

With this credit card, transfers are cheaper (up to 40% discount). Transfers are also very fast. Indeed, you are recognized as soon as you indicate your membership number located on the back of your Western Union card from the Banque Postale.

Thanks to this bank card, you will not need to withdraw cash for your money transfers.

When the transfer has been settled to your recipient, an SMS informs you. On the other hand, benefit with this card from a telephone service and an Internet space to find out about the news and your capital point.

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La Banque Postale prepaid international bank cards

The Banque Postale prepaid card

This withdrawal and payment card is systematically authorized. Its maximum limit of use is 500 euros (over 30 days).

The Regliss menu

This is a rechargeable card for minors, aged 12 to 17, under parental supervision. The Regliss card must be taken out by the teenager’s legal representative.

The maximum limit of use cannot exceed 1500 euros.

The Protectys Banque Postale card

This card is dedicated to people under guardianship or reinforced curatorship. The Protectys card can also be used in the event of legal safeguards with an agent.

Its ceiling is 1500 euros maximum. Per week, the user of the prepaid bank card can spend between 20 and 375 euros.

The Postal Bank gift card

La Banque Postale also offers a gift card. This is a non-reloadable prepaid card. The amount to be credited must be between 40 and 799 euros. To qualify, the card holder must be at least 12 years old. Its validity period is 1 year.

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La Poste credit card rates

The Visa Infinite card

The annual fee for the Visa Infinite card is 320 euros for both immediate and deferred debit.

The Visa Platinum card

Pay 192 euros per year to be a Visa Platinium cardholder, in immediate or deferred debit.

Visa Premier card

The contribution is 127 euros per year for immediate debit and deferred debit.

The Visa Classic card

The annual fee for the Visa Classic card is 40 euros per year for immediate debit and 44.50 euros for deferred debit.

Classic bank card vs e-credit card

As you will see on this website, today you can use a virtual bank card. La Banque Postale is therefore not the only one to offer it. Indeed, the goal is to secure your payments. Know that you have 2 possibilities, namely, one for your online purchases and another for those you make on a daily basis in the various shops.

The first option is the most common. You will get a virtual number to make your purchases online. This allows you not to transmit your real card number. In addition, this virtual number will be single-use, to further reduce the risk of fraud.

The second option is to install your bank’s application on your phone and pay by holding your phone up to the card reader, as you would with a contactless payment. Of course, it’s perfectly secure, because you won’t be able to validate your payment without having used your fingerprint. Another advantage over contactless is that you are not limited by a maximum amount of money (except that established by your bank). So you can leave your card at home.

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