Open an online bank account with Sogexia

The creation of a business is necessarily accompanied by the opening of a professional account dedicated to it. This process is essential to proceed with the registration of the company. To keep it simple and fast, there is one possibility: open a bank account online. Several banks offer it, including Sogexia.

The professional account in a few words

A business bank account is similar to a personal bank account. It offers the same services (checkbook, bank card, account statement, etc.). But in addition, there are exclusive services dedicated to professionals. For example, the collection of bank cards or the management of unpaid debts. Sogexia online banking is an expert in this field because it offers services that adapt to all customers and allow payments to be easily managed.

The advantages of the professional account

Opening a professional Sogexia account online allows you to manage everything from your computer or smartphone. All banking transactions are done online, any time of the day (or night) and wherever you are. This is a considerable advantage because there is no longer any need to go to a bank branch or send documents by mail. All financial transactions are simplified and carried out with just a few clicks. This represents a significant time saving when managing a business.

The professional account facilitates the management of the company’s cash flow. Transferring funds, viewing accounts, withdrawing cash… it’s all done online. It is a way to obtain better management of daily expenses and to save money, especially on bank charges. In addition, the online bank account makes it possible to differentiate professional operations from private operations, which will make things easier in the event of a tax audit.

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Another advantage: no solvency check is carried out and no financial condition is required. Therefore, even if you are banned from banking, opening an online bank account is possible at Sogexia. No agio or additional charges are applied. Finally, there is no minimum commitment period or minimum recharge amount. This provides real flexibility.

Sogexia’s different offers

Sogexia does not stop there and offers many other possibilities for those who have a bank account there. For example, you no longer need to convert currency when traveling abroad. With Sogexia, it is possible to hold several Business Mastercard cards. They are accessible at all counters and can be unlocked with a single click from the online account. They can therefore be used without problem to pay travel expenses in a foreign country. Fund transfers are made in real time, even internationally. Finally, for total security, personal data is confidential.

By becoming a member of the Sogexia Club, you benefit from new advantages such as promotional codes to achieve additional savings with major brands or discounts on banking offers. Full transparency of direct debits will be accessible, which will provide very clear visibility on financial transactions and on the company’s balance.

Only a few minutes are needed to open a bank account with Sogexia. It is sufficient to provide supporting documents attesting to the identity of the manager of the company as well as documents related to it. In the event of a problem or question, an online help center is available 24/7.

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