Earn money by playing: is it possible?

Playing is fun. On our computer or mobile phone, we can have fun to distract ourselves. Who has never played a mobile game while waiting their turn in a waiting room? But now, playing can bring in money! It sounds like a joke. And yet, this is what some applications offer. So, real good plan to make money easily or is it still a scam in the form of food time? We tell you everything about this new innovative concept, taking the example of Time Wallet.

Play while winning money, the principle

Applications offer you a remuneration in exchange for hours of play. On paper, the proposal has everything to seduce. But what is it really? How it works ?

In fact, the company that launched this new concept is approaching mobile game developers. She offers them to pay a fixed price so that their game is submitted to players. In fact, they are testers. This idea is of interest to developers who will see their number of players increase. Each time a player clicks on an advertisement present on the game, the developer will earn money. In this way, the player-testers represent a source of funding for the development of the game.

What does the Time Wallet app offer?

The Time Wallet app reveals itself totally free and available on Android or AppleStore. Just download it.

However, you should know that it is unable to supplement income with this innovation. The Time Wallet app pays you to play, but at very low prices. Do not expect to earn more than 20 euros per month with this process.

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This is not a scam, the offer is very serious. On the other hand, the winnings turn out to be very meager. After an hour of play, you will only earn a few cents. It’s not really a way to get rich, but rather to combine business with pleasure.

On the other hand, the game can be subject to bugs, thus invalidating your playing time. If you have free time, why not use it for this kind of activity. Otherwise, there are ways to earn money much more easily (reading emails, answering surveys, clicking on advertisements, etc.).

Getting paid to play video games

Beyond mobile applications, there are video games that allow you to earn money by playing. App Flame, Coinpop or AppLike, for example, offers you strategy and action games in exchange for virtual rewards convertible into money via Paypal or in the form of vouchers.

Again, even being addicted to video games and playing every day, you will not earn more than ten euros per month.

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Follow the P2E news to earn money by playing

Before leaving us, we wanted to introduce you to another way to earn money by playing which has been very successful for a few weeks: P2E.

If you want to know everything about this new trend, we have found a perfect source of information: the site cryptotricks.com Do not hesitate to click on this link to find out all about P2E news.

In summary, you must first know that P2E, or Play to Earn, literally means « Play to Win ». The principle is simple: players can earn money by playing these blockchain-based games. With this type of game, you can win NFTs or cryptocurrencies. To do this, all you have to do is accomplish the different objectives proposed by the creators of the games. Concretely, there are several categories of P2E games.

  • We meet games rather Risk To Earn. These games are not the most recommendable, because they are, as their name suggests, based on taking risks… In addition, they are not really games, because no gameplay is taken into account. account for winnings. You just have to invest in NFTs at the right time.
  • There are also Click to Earn, which are already more interesting because they are less risky. But the gameplay here also leaves a little to be desired because, as the name of this type of game suggests, you just have to click repeatedly.
  • Finally, we encounter more and more P2E in the metaverse. Here, the possibilities are so varied that one cannot describe precisely what it is about.
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If you want to know more, and especially if you want to know the most interesting P2E from day to day, go to cryptoastuce.fr

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