What to invest in in 2019?

For the coming new year, would you like to take on new challenges? What investments could you make in 2019 to enrich yourself or live more comfortably? We give you some interesting ways to invest your money. Multiply your sources of income with smart investments. Focus on growth sectors in 2019.

TOP 3 of the best investments:

Top investments 2019 Yield Free ebooks
Rental property investment Pinel Law HIGH
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Real estate investment SCPI WAY
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Invest in a bed and breakfast, a gite or a student residence… WAY Free sim

Property investment, which investments in 2019?

Rental property investment

Buying a house or an apartment with the aim of renting it out is a good way to make a profit. Rental investment in 2019 remains a safe investment. However, before buying a home, study the market well by selecting a defined area. Find out about the location of the property and its proximity to shops and services. To put the odds on your side, also find out about the occupancy rate of the accommodation. For your investment to be profitable, you will need to find a tenant quickly.

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Selling a home after renovation

This is called resale real estate investing. For this business to be profitable from a financial point of view, it is better to take out a mortgage when it is at its lowest.

Before reselling, make sure of the capital gain. The operation should bring you as much money as possible.

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In the case of an old building, benefit from a new work premium credit. When the property is renovated and occupied as a main residence for several years, you can resell it at the best price.

Real estate investment SCPI

The SCPI (civilian real estate investment company) does not require a significant investment. Participate in companies that provide rental (rental of offices, shops, homes, etc.) for a few thousand euros, no more.

By investing in an SCPI, the management problems are not your responsibility. It is a company that takes care of all operations such as payment of charges, maintenance work, search for tenants, etc.

Thanks to your investment in the SCPI, you will receive approximately 5% net per year.

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Invest in a bed and breakfast, a gite or a student residence…

Non-professional furnished rentals represent a good investment in 2019. Today’s travelers, looking for authenticity, are looking for guest rooms or gîtes as accommodation or in a student residence. Offer tourist accommodation to vacationers to make a profit.

For your business to be lucrative, invest in a property with a good geographical location. It also allows you to rent only one room in your house. During the school year, welcome a student into your home and in the summer, transform the student room into holiday accommodation for tourists. Or invest directly in a student program, the managing company will take care of everything.

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Company, become a shareholder or create your own company

Invest in a business

Investing in a French SME is a good investment. In addition to participating in the development of French entrepreneurship, you can make your shareholding profitable up to 4 to 10%. The rate of profit largely depends on the activity of the company.

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Crowfunding, also called crowdfunding, also allows you to invest in a start-up by investing a little money. Bet on companies in full development to make your action bear fruit (from 50 euros).

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Create your business

What if, instead of investing in a company, you embark on its creation? There are several possibilities to become a boss and have your own business: buyout of business, franchise, commercial enterprise…

For your professional retraining to be a success, bet on a buoyant sector destined for prosperity in 2019.

Lend money to an individual

Investing in personal loans is a good plan. Indeed, there are many people who need a loan to carry out a project or alleviate a financial emergency.

Given the difficulties of borrowing in terms of conditions and formalities with traditional banks, some individuals are turning to this process.

Become a lender in 2019 to receive an interest rate agreed with the borrower. Nevertheless, so that this activity does not turn into a bad experience, pay attention to the choice of the borrower. Have him sign a loan contract or acknowledgment of debt in due form to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Savings to invest in 2019

Livret A and life insurance are risk-free investments for 2019. Put your money there without fear of losing it. With the livret A, increase your capital throughout your payments. Be aware, however, that the return on this savings remains very low with an interest rate stuck at 0.75%. And this, until 2020.

Life insurance is more of a way to easily pass on financial assets to descendants. Indeed, unlike a traditional investment, you do not touch the amount paid. Your income is blocked. Nevertheless, life insurance has serious advantages from a tax point of view.

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As for investing in the stock market, this operation is not without danger for your money, especially if you invest intuitively. This is a particularly complex investment niche that deserves professional help.

Buying a property to rent it out: benefits

Real estate is a durable and reliable investment with good prospects for returns for low risks.

No need for special knowledge to invest

Unlike the stock markets, investing in the real estate market does not require any special technical knowledge. Engaging in a rental investment by buying to rent is within everyone’s reach.

To succeed in your rental investment, you will first need:

  • Target the neighborhood in which you are going to invest. We must invest in a city where the population is only increasing. You must bet on a dynamic district, well served in terms of transport and which has many shops nearby.
  • Buy something you like. Indeed, before buying, you have to plan and ask yourself if you would buy this property to live there.
  • Don’t buy too expensive real estate. You need to be able to repay it easily without requiring a lot of financial effort each month.

A tax cut

Several devices have been created by the government to encourage people to invest in rental property. This is particularly the case with the Pinel law, which allows you to deduct from your income tax a certain percentage of the purchase price of the new home you have just acquired.

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