How much can be withdrawn from the ATM? What are the ATM withdrawal limits?

When you registered with a bank to open an account, you certainly saw the mention which clearly stipulates the withdrawal limit that can be made with your bank card. This is also the case for ATMs, there may be a configuration to limit cash withdrawals. However, it all depends on the bank in question and the bank card you hold.

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Is there really a withdrawal limit at an ATM?

If you think that in principle you should be able to withdraw as much money as you want from an ATM, this is not actually the case. First, the withdrawal of money with your bank card is defined by a limit mentioned during the signing of your contract. However, when withdrawing money from an ATM, you should also be aware that a withdrawal limit is assigned to it.

Indeed, these machines are generally configured to only allow you to withdraw a certain amount: 200 to 500 euros. However, this withdrawal limit essentially depends on the bank and distributor in question. Sometimes it also happens that an ATM refuses you a transaction, even if you still have money in your account.

Most often, however, this case only arises when the distributor is short of supply, especially during peak periods, such as during holidays or during the Christmas and New Year’s shopping period. .

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What are the different credit card limits?

For each type of bank card, a withdrawal limit is defined by the bank from the establishment of the contract related to obtaining it. However, for a bank card, there is the withdrawal limit assigned when you go through an ATM and there is the one designated for the maximum amount payable during purchases.

For each of its types of ceilings, don’t forget that they are also redistributed with a ceiling per day and per week. In addition, depending on the type of card, the withdrawal limit differs. If with the Premier cards or the Gold cards, it turns out to be higher, even in the 2000 € per week, the classic bank cards will be above all capped according to the profile of the owner.

For example, with a card with systematic authorization, the withdrawal limit is generally between €400 and €800 per week. In any case, remember that you always have the option of negotiating an increase in your withdrawal limit with your bank.

Can’t withdraw enough money as you wish? What to do then?

A situation that can happen to anyone at some point is the fact of needing a certain amount of money for a purchase that must be paid for in cash. In this case, if the ATM cannot give you the amount you need, you can always go to your bank’s counter.

Indeed, you can withdraw more money at the teller than at an ATM. If you can anticipate those big purchases, that would be even better. Indeed, you could gradually withdraw the necessary money from ATMs to raise the full sum. You also have the option of notifying your bank a few days in advance so that it can make the sum available when you need it.

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