The 4 advantages of new real estate

Whether it is to acquire an apartment or a house, the purchase of new real estate offers several considerable advantages: excellent quality housing, tax reductions, energy savings, enhanced guarantees… Here are the 4 advantages of new real estate.

Long term benefits

Acquiring a new home allows you to build up a lasting heritage. Indeed, investment in stone is safe. The value of the property will even tend to increase over the years. A capital gain is therefore possible. With a new home, there is no need to carry out renovation work or to bring it up to standard with regard to energy performance in the event of resale. If a resale is not envisaged, the property acquired may be transferred. Let’s take the example of Val d’Oise which includes the municipalities of Villiers-le-Bel, Cergy, Franconville, or even Gonesse is a department of choice because it is located in the Paris region and is therefore at the heart of the Greater Paris project. Although located not far from Paris, this department benefits from good economic dynamism as well as green spaces. Investing in new real estate in Villiers-le-Bel is an excellent choice because it is the guarantee of building up a long-lasting and viable real estate heritage.

Quality accommodation

One thing is certain: living in a new home is a guarantee of comfort and savings. Recent technologies make it possible, for example, to benefit from excellent sound and heat insulation. The orientation of the building was designed to store natural heat. Ventilation is increasingly used. A new apartment is an apartment that meets the latest environmental and technical regulations. It is therefore also a means of making savings, in particular thanks to renewable energies.

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Buying new real estate is the guarantee of having accommodation that meets the latest standards, particularly with regard to accessibility for disabled people, building security, access to green spaces or parking, parties common areas such as the elevator or the intercom. All this state-of-the-art comfort is only possible with new accommodation.

In addition, new apartments are now designed according to the current lifestyle. Therefore, they are well arranged, bright and practical. Finally, with new housing, the choice of finishes (tiles, walls and floors) is possible. It’s a way to avoid work to create a home that matches your desires and tastes. No need to redecorate or rearrange rooms before you can settle down. The new accommodation is ready to use and does not require any work before moving in!

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Exclusive guarantees

Unlike an old apartment, a new home offers different guarantees to the buyer. The perfect completion guarantee covers all defects that may be observed in the first year following delivery. However, this warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear or due to poor maintenance. The two-year guarantee covers for two years from the reception of the accommodation the malfunction of equipment that can be removed and moved such as radiators, shutters, doors or taps. Finally, the ten-year guarantee obliges the builder to repair all damage that occurs during the ten years from the date of delivery and which can weaken the construction or even make it uninhabitable. This can be cracks, infiltrations, roof problems… These three warranties engage the responsibility of the builder for several years.

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Undeniable tax advantages

New real estate allows you to take advantage of many tax advantages. Buying new housing entitles you to exemption from property tax for two years in several municipalities if the housing is occupied as a main or secondary residence.

It is also possible to benefit from reduced VAT at 5.5% instead of 20%. However, this device is subject to several conditions, in particular with regard to the location of the property, the ceilings of resources of the purchaser, the selling price of the accommodation. It can be associated with the Zero Rate Loan, an interest-free loan granted to first-time buyers which can finance up to 40% of the purchase. The Social Access Loan is a loan specifically intended for low-income households who wish to acquire a new property. It is therefore awarded subject to means testing.

Another device reserved for buyers of new housing: the Pinel device. It offers a significant tax reduction if the property is rented for several years. Again, several conditions must be met regarding the amount of rent and the tenant’s income in order to benefit from it. Finally, by buying new real estate, notary fees are reduced. They only correspond to about 2.5 or 3% of the price of housing against 7 to 8% in the case of old housing. The reason is simple: for a new property, VAT is included in the selling price. All these advantages lead to significant savings.

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