How to earn 100 euros a day?

Today, with the Internet, it is very easy to make ends meet. Supplement your income simply by completing small tasks on the web. Also discover all the tricks to earn a hundred euros a day. We tell you all about the good plans that exist to generate income in addition to your salary.

Earn money online daily

On the Internet, there are several sites that offer you small paid jobs. There are many ways to make money online, depending on your skills and interests. Some of the most popular options include freelancing, selling digital products, building an online business, online surveys, and affiliate marketing. If you have a good connection and a few hours of freedom a day, take advantage of it to earn easy money!

Read emails and respond to surveys

These two tasks are among the most common on the net. They have proven themselves! Admittedly, reading emails and answering questionnaires will not allow you to become rich, but it will contribute to making ends meet. Get closer to websites like Moolineo and Loonea that offer this kind of missions.

A little advice before you start, if you want to devote yourself to this activity fully, create a specific mailbox.

In the same vein, you can also click on advertisements to make money. Provided you are persistent, it is possible to collect additional income. Among the most famous Paid to Clic in France, there is Neobux.

Earn money surfing the internet

No, you’re not dreaming ! Anyone can earn a few euros by browsing the web. If you spend a lot of time on the net, this can be a good plan!
The principle is very simple. You just need to install a surf bar on your PC. It then broadcasts advertising. Go through sites like AWBarre or Gold-Barre to earn up to 5 euros per day.

The cash link

Do you regularly share content on Facebook or via email? Use cashlink to monetize your links.

Go through an intermediary page (which broadcasts advertising) to share your information. The more contacts you have, the more money you get.

Examples of cashlink sites include Adfly, Clictune or Linkbucks.

Generate income with sponsorship

Sponsorship can take various forms. But, in general, it is a good way to earn money without difficulty. The sponsorship system allows you to earn a commission when you bring in new subscribers. The commission can sometimes reach 10 or 20% on sites like Moolineo, Loonea, Argentmania or NetBusinessRating.

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Online banks also use the referral system. The good plan is to open an online account and then find referrals. Collect up to 150 euros per registered person. Among the banks to reward sponsors, there is Boursorama, Fortuneo and Hello Bank!

Tip, to earn even more money, open an account in several online banks and go in search of referrals. The practice is completely legal!

Selling your skills to make ends meet

Do you have a hidden talent? Make it profitable! By going through specialized sites such as 5euros, you can hope to supplement your end of the month by rendering service.

Repairing a computer remotely, doing community management, coaching someone, writing an article, reading the future… Everything is possible. Be imaginative and offer your services to supplement your monthly income. Payment is made by bank transfer from the first euro paid.

There are also specialized platforms for connecting customers and service providers. If you have computer or web writing skills, turn to the site, for example.

Renting to supplement your income

Rental allows you to generate passive income. No need to work to earn a small amount each month.

Store furniture

At your home, do you have a garage or a spare room? Offer it for rent. Some people are looking for storage space to store their furniture while waiting for a move. This good plan can save you up to 200 euros per month. Go through sites like Costockage or Ouistock to find people interested in your garage, warehouse or box.

Lend your car or parking space

If you do not use your car daily, make the purchase profitable by renting it to a private individual. This bargain can bring you up to 40 euros per day. And this, regardless of the model or age.

Rent your vehicle for a few hours or an entire weekend. The Ouicar platform puts you in touch with borrowers. It also provides you with accident insurance.

To rent your parking space, go to the Zenpark website. Lend your parking space for an hour or a day. In big cities, your offer will be all the rage! You can also go through without an intermediary by posting a classified ad on a site such as leboncoin.

Furnished rental

On Airbnb or Abritel, easily rent your furnished room or apartment. In case of absence, take the opportunity to supplement your end of the month with simplicity. If you live in a tourist town, the deal can be juicy!

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To put the odds on your side, take beautiful photos of your rental and make a complete description of all your equipment.

Namely, this kind of activity is supervised. You must comply with the regulations in force.

To earn even more money, accumulate several good plans at the same time. Per month, you can easily earn more than 100 euros in addition to your usual income.

5 ways to make money

At a time when the economic crisis is added to the current health crisis, many French people want to make ends meet. Everyone wants to improve their day-to-day finances. With the Internet it becomes easier. This site proposes to know How to earn money thanks to 25 methods? We have selected 5 of them.

Become a rental enthusiast

The AirBnB or Abritel platforms are now known to everyone, they allow you to rent an apartment for the holidays, a weekend or other. For the owner, this can represent a real source of income. But not all of us have secondary accommodation that we can rent out. On the other hand, many of us have equipment that we only use occasionally. For example, a lawnmower, a drill, a high-pressure cleaner… It can therefore be interesting to offer these objects for rent to earn money.

Offer your services

If you are a DIY ace or like to babysit, you can go to private homes to do small DIY jobs or become the family babysitter. You can also offer your services for cleaning or ironing or if you have the skills, give private lessons. Some sites allow you to obtain additional income while staying at home. This is the case if you have graphic design or translation skills. The advantage is that you can work as soon as you are available, including evenings, weekends and holidays.

Sell ​​items

If you have items that you no longer use, or clothes that you (or your children) no longer wear, it’s time to sort them out and put them all up for sale! Today, new technologies make it possible to put objects, furniture or clothing online with a simple click. In addition to saving you space, this method helps you save some money.

Use apps

Do you know that your phone can help you earn money? You can use social networks to become an influencer and as such, benefit from additional income. But before being really known on the various platforms, it takes a lot of time and above all to succeed in standing out from the others. You can also post videos on Youtube. By monetizing them, you can earn money from views and advertising.

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You can also monetize your website or blog. Advertising inserts or the number of visits can earn you money. The more visits and clicks there are, the happier your wallet is. If your site has a lot of traffic, it can really be very interesting! If you’re not comfortable with writing, photos, videos or social networks, there is still a trick to earn money with your phone. You can download an application that earns you money based on the number of steps taken each day (SweatCoins, Weward).

Shopping enthusiasts can download applications that allow them to be paid by carrying out missions. This is quite simple, it is usually enough to enter a store with the application open or to answer a few questions. These are only small sums, but added together, they can form a nice kitty at the end of the year.

Work from home

To supplement your income and earn money, you can work from home. It’s up to you to choose something you like, but among the most common trades is envelope stuffing. The principle is quite simple, you must fill envelopes with documents or advertising mail. It’s not very well paid but it’s still better than nothing. You can also do home assembly. This can be on toys, leather goods, jewelry, electronic products… These two trades are accessible to everyone and do not require any particular qualifications. You work according to your availability, so it can be full time or only a few hours a week.

These 5 methods will allow you to earn money. Some are more accessible than others, it’s all about doing something you love and know how to do.

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