Stairlift: How to choose the right model?

Do you or one of your relatives have mobility difficulties to go upstairs in your house? The stairlift is a solution to consider. This equipment makes it possible to maintain a significant independence for the comfort and morale of the person concerned. Nevertheless, it is important to select the model of the stairlift according to the type of staircase (straight, spiral, etc.) and the needs of the person. With the help of, we bring you various tips on how to choose the model that suits you.

The electric stairlift

Whether your staircase is turning or straight, the electric stairlift is suitable. It consists of a seatone or more tracks and a block electric motor.

The seat rests on rails fixed along the stairs. The motor is powered by batteries connected to the mains. The stairlift descends or ascends using controls placed at both ends of the rails and on the seat.

The use is simple, the person sits on the seat and activates a command to reach the top or the bottom of the stairs. For safety, equipment is provided such as sensors to switch off the device in the event of problems, a belt, etc. Other options are available.

Let’s take a look at the different types of stairlifts.

The wheelchair platform

The wheelchair platform is equivalent to an electric stairlift, except that it is intended for people in wheelchairs.

The mini lift

The mini-elevator is a platform that descends and ascends vertically. It has for advantage to be able to settle outside and inside a house. On the other hand, some work is sometimes necessary. The mini-lift works thanks to a control panel. The platform is called by a command located on the landings.

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An access ramp receives the chair which folds up during operation of the platform. Several safety means are present: the doors close during movement, a stop button can be pressed in the event of an emergency, during a power cut, the platform is lowered manually.

The mobile stairlift

The mobile stairlift requires no installation. The user is not independent, he needs someone to help him access the desired floor level. It disassembles into several parts and is transported in a car.

The wheelchair stair climber

Intended more specifically for people with walking difficulties or paralyzed lower limbs, the stair-climbing wheelchair is operated by a companion. It allows you to go up and down the steps of a straight or spiral staircase.

The lifting chair

There are two models of lift chairs. The lift chair with seat involves a rail being attached to the ceiling at the top of the stairs, and the chair to the rail. Using a remote control, the chair goes up or down. As for the lift chair for wheelchair, it works in the same way as the lift chair with seat, on the other hand, they are harnesses which come down from the rail and allow the wheelchair to be fixed to the rail.

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