Mobile payment terminal: how to choose well?

There are various kinds of electronic payment terminals (TPE). As for the mobile payment terminal or 3G/GPRS mobile TPE, it is a machine designed for itinerant merchants or itinerant salespeople. This equipment offers one of the best payment solutions to customers, as it is often linked to bank servers in order to authorize payments. However, the thorny question is how to make the best choice in terms of mobile TPE?

Mobile payment terminal: What is that ?

The nomadic wireless TPE is a completely autonomous machine that resembles portable terminals. This instrument works with 3G/4G technology or via Bluetooth. The device is equipped with a sim card, this is the reason why it is necessary that the area where the trader works is covered by a mobile operator. The mobile payment terminal is easily transportable and allows users to carry out their activities in complete peace of mind, when traveling or during occasional events (fairs, shows). It is also very convenient for taxis or food trucks.

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How does a mobile payment terminal work?

Note that the amount of a mobile EPT is made up of the purchase of the terminal and commission costs. In other words, you will have to pay a monthly fee representing a percentage of your total receipts. The mobile TPE works with a smart card reader connected to the internet network of a tablet or a Smartphone. It is the laptop that does most of the work by downloading free software available in the form of a mobile application. The mobile TPE accesses the data recorded on the bank card and communicates with the supplier or the bank that holds the customer’s account. Then comes remote collection.

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Criteria for choosing the right mobile payment terminal

The choice of a mobile payment terminal requires that we take into account the advantages and specificities of this card reader. We recommend that you get help from a comparison guide if you are unaware of this subject, this specialized site could help you choose To give you a taste of the matter, we have listed a few criteria that will help you choose the right mobile payment terminal.

• The choice according to your activities

The first criterion to know to choose the right mobile payment terminal is to identify the needs of your activity. First of all, before making a purchase, you should know what purpose your device is intended for. The most important thing is that it makes your life easier and helps you do your transactions with ease. In this case, options and capacity matter a lot. Also take a look at the user manual and make sure it is easy to use.

• Transaction fees

It is important to check the amount of commission charges when purchasing the terminal. Indeed, the fees vary from one brand to another depending on the volume of the transaction.

• The cost of the device

The cost of the machine is an important element in the choice of the latter. Indeed, a good mobile payment terminal must offer a satisfactory price-quality ratio, especially since the market is pouring out new and ever more efficient products every year. The planned budget also depends on the gains you want to derive from it, however, do not be too heavy handed if it is a nascent project. The main thing is that your wireless terminal gives you satisfaction.

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• terminal functionalities

More and more brands are offering interesting benefits when it comes to terminal features. Today, it is possible to afford a mobile payment terminal without subscription or commitment. This type of machine is purchased from a supplier who sells his own terminals. Since the functionalities go beyond a simple payment, it would be best to favor a terminal that helps you benefit from all the services of a state-of-the-art machine.

• Device performance

Merchants are increasingly demanding on performance criteria when purchasing their mobile payment terminals. There are currently latest generation mobile payment terminals that have high performance and guarantee very strict security standards. Thanks to their innovation and the advanced technologies from which they flow (intuitive navigation, application catalog, etc.) these devices guarantee your comfort and enhance your brand image vis-à-vis customers. The new professional payment terminals have a range of advantages: shock resistance, long battery life, speed of printing thermal tickets or better connectivity. Everything is done for you to succumb, the last word is up to you!

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