Invalid bank card: why and what to do?

When paying for your shopping at the checkout, your credit card refuses to pay. At the cash machine, impossible to withdraw money. Your credit card no longer passes. What does « invalid card » mean? And why does it no longer work? Before contacting your bank, follow our advice to solve the problem and get out of this embarrassing situation.

Bank card blocked, how to do ?

Your payment method may be blocked due to a overdrawn bank account. Your bank adviser may decide to block your card due to payment difficulties (loan installments refused, invoices rejected, etc.).

Contact your bank branch to find out the exact reasons for this blocking opposition on your card. And find a solution with him so that your means of payment becomes operational again.

On the other hand, your bank card can also be capped. If you have exceeded the authorized amount, it is systematically blocked. And this, even if your bank account is well supplied. Contact your bank adviser to lift the cap on your credit card.

Also be aware that your card may be blocked after a PIN error. After three unsuccessful attempts, the credit card is invalid.

Call your bank or go to an agency to request the unlocking of your card. Please note that some banking organizations do not allow this process. In this case, you will have to order a new card.

Damaged credit card, what to do ?

Your credit card may be wear victim, especially if you don’t take care to store it in a card holder. In a jacket or jeans pocket, the card will deteriorate faster.

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The chip as well as the magnetic tape are particularly fragile. If after several rubbings and cleanings, your card still does not checkout, recommend a new one.

Please note that you can keep the same confidential code. Also note that the bank does not charge for the renewal of the card when it is defective.

If you are not a fan of the card holder, try to store your means of payment in your wallet after each use. Thus, it will be less likely to be damaged. In any case, avoid contact with car keys that cause scratches.

Expired bank card and new card

Bank cards have a due date. If your credit card has expired, you will no longer be able to order online or pay for your groceries in store.

Contact your bank to get a new one.

Namely, a new card may also be invalid when paying for your purchases. To unblock your means of payment, all you have to do is make at least one withdrawal beforehand. Otherwise, you can also make a consultation. The objective is to enter the code manually so that the card is operational.

Generally, it takes about 5 days to receive your new card. While waiting for your means of payment, pay for your purchases by check, bank transfer or Paypal. Online stores and physical stores offer several payment options.

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