Secrets to winning the Euromillions

How to become rich through gambling? If you want to win the jackpot, put the odds on your side by following our advice. Discover all the tips to optimize your chances of winning at gambling. Play better to increase your winning possibilities. Become the next big winner of the Euromillions! Zoom on the secret to win the euromillions and win on this European lotto which can pay off big!

secret to winning euromillions winning draw

I take advantage of the €13 offered with the FDJ

Choose the right draw day

The day you play can be very important in your chances of winning. Do not choose any day of the week to check off your grids. Better bet on Tuesday rather than Friday. Indeed, there are fewer players at the beginning of the week. On weekends, people try their luck more.

In case of good numbers, you will win a larger sum.

Play less often to win more

Reduce your Euromillions draw entries, but when you play, tick more grids. In fact, it is based on the principle of probability. The more you bet, the greater your chances of winning.

By doing so, it allows you not to explode your game budget!

Bet several

Pooling your bets by playing in a group increases your chances. Form a team of family, friends or colleagues to win the jackpot.

By ticking several grids, you multiply your possibilities of winning. If it has advantages, there are also some disadvantages to be expected if you find the right numbers.

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Preferably play with people you trust, especially if you settle for an oral agreement “if we win, we share equally”.

Know that it is quite possible to create an association for your group of players. This can be a solution if you plan to bet with several people for a while. There are also online services to establish a pool of players.

Of course, in case of winnings, the sums will be divided equally. They will therefore turn out to be less. However, the amount of the jackpots often turns out to be very high. Even in case of sharing, you will receive a substantial sum!

secret to winning euromillions winning draw

I take advantage of the €13 offered with the FDJ

Etoile+ to optimize your chances of winning

The Star + is an option of the Euromillions game since September 2016. The principle is simple. You add 1 euro per grid when you bet. By using the Star+ option, you increase your chances of winning as soon as you find a lucky star.

You don’t have a good number, but you found one or two stars? Thanks to the option, win the Etoile+ gain.

When you have good numbers (except first rank) as well as a lucky star, you also win the Etoile+ prize in addition to that of the Euromillions.

Prioritize special Euromillions days

There are event prints. Take advantage of these special days to try your luck in the European lottery. Indeed, the Française des Jeux sometimes offers « millionaire rain » or « millionaire week ».

By draw, you increase your chances of winning. Thanks to these days like no other, increase your chances of winning the jackpot!

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Lottery, find the right combination

To win the jackpot and become rich overnight, there is no miracle secret, only tips to optimize your chances.

Math buffs may have already done the math. To find the right combination of numbers and buy all the corresponding grids, you would have to pay more than 349 million euros, much more than what La Française des Jeux offers….

secret to winning euromillions winning draw

I take advantage of the €13 offered with the FDJ

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