Buying a car park to rent it: how to do it?

The car park is a specific space designed to park a car. Parking in a city is a task that can be painful. To do this, many motorists buy parking to have a place to park their car. Before investing in it, some basic rules are good to know.

Visit the parking lot at an interesting time

To choose your car park, it is advisable to visit it at a specific time during peak hours. Why not in the evening, when everyone has come home from work? Knowing how to make the appointment at a given time will help you know more about the particularity of the parking lot. This will let you know if the place is full, if there are already other cars and if there is still a good place. Indeed, you can see for yourself if the place is well secured to limit the risk of theft… If one evening, at 8 p.m., the parking space is empty, know that you are not on the right track.

Observing its location

The second advice before buying a car park is to observe its location. Indeed, this will allow you to know if he is near you or not. It is therefore advisable to choose a safe, accessible and preferably covered location.

In order to avoid a location fault, make sure that the road is easily accessible to your vehicle. If you no longer need it, you can resell or re-let your garage to other people. Thus, it is also recommended not to opt for a place where there are only very few demands.

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The size of the car park

Regarding the size of the parking space, choose one that is proportional to the size of your car. If it is too narrow, you may encounter a problem during resale. Indeed, you can re-rent it to a motorist with a large or luxurious vehicle. Otherwise, consider that a parking space that is too large will cost you more.

So why buy a large car park when you have a small car? In order to remedy this, the right thing to do is to opt for a standard car park. From this effect, you would not risk anything even by reselling it or by re-letting it.

Buy parking: notary fees

To be able to invest in car parks, you must find an owner who wishes to give you his garage box. Of course, you will not become the owner overnight, but the transfer must be made. For this, you must go to the notary. With the purchase price of the garage, you must also take into account the costs of the notary. In some regions, the registration fee is payable, not counting the legal fees and fees for the latter.

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