Braces: choice, price, reimbursement

At any age, you may be required to wear braces. It’s not just for kids and teens. Supposed to give you a nice smile, this orthodontic treatment is used to correct your gum problems or compensate for missing teeth. Today, there are several devices, some of which are invisible unlike steel rings. Follow our advice to choose the right dental appliance. We tell you everything about the price of orthodontic treatment and the terms of reimbursement.

dental treatment, choose the right device

dental braces

Bands, also called multi-bracket device, remain the most used orthodontic treatment. It corrects the positioning of the teeth. There are very different models, more or less discreet.

The metal rings are fixed on the external face of the teeth. They are connected together by a metal bar. The orthodontist regularly adjusts this bar in order to straighten the teeth. Although very effective, especially on malocclusions, this device is particularly visible, therefore difficult to wear on a daily basis. At the beginning of the treatment, the rings can cause discomfort and pain.

Note that the rings can also be made of ceramic. In this case, wearing rings is less visible. The orthodontic results are similar. For their part, rings made of resins are also called « transparent rings ». Indeed, the thread that connects the rings to each other is covered with white Teflon.


Gutters, or invisible removable aligners are taken both by adolescents and adults. As its name suggests, this treatment is invisible. On the other hand, the device is not fixed in the jaw. Therefore, the patient can remove the gutter himself, especially at mealtimes for more comfort. This orthodontic solution is effective and painless. However, it is imperative to replace the aligners every fortnight, which can quickly become restrictive.

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The lingual apparatus

This multi-attachment appliance attaches to the inner part of the teeth, on the side of the tongue. Its operation is similar to that of rings. Note that the lingual apparatus is completely invisible. However, he presents some drawbacks. It requires a fairly long adaptation period. At the beginning of treatment, it is common to have a defect in pronunciation. Its maintenance is also more difficult than that of traditional rings.

The cost of dental braces

The rates of the orthodontist are free. From one specialist to another, there may therefore be significant differences for the same treatment. However, there is a price range. Taking into account the type of appliance placed, orthodontic treatment costs can vary between 700 and 2000 euros per semester. Lingual treatment is the most expensive. Be aware that other factors may affect the amount of the invoice. The less complex dental problems require fewer hours of work. On the other hand, some cases may require care for more than two years. Thus, the price of a device can go up to 7500 euros.

Before any dental procedure, get a detailed estimate from your professional. The document must specify all the costs. Only sign the quote if you agree with the rates charged. On the other hand, the paper will be requested in case of reimbursement of care. In general, always compare several specialists with each other before deciding. The objective is not to opt for the one with the lowest prices, but to find a good value for money. Given the importance of orthodontic care, don’t trust just any professional.

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As regards the elderly, according to the health guide of the site, more than half of seniors aged at least 65 wear braces. The price of braces can put a heavy strain on the budget of someone with a small pension. It is therefore necessary, as mentioned above, to obtain an accurate quote for the complete service.

Braces, reimbursement

The preliminary examinations to establish the diagnosis are covered by Social Security at 70% (children and adults). The rest is the responsibility of the patient.

On the other hand, the Health Insurance supports the installation of apparatus, provided that the patient has started his orthodontic treatment before the age of 16 years. Before starting the treatments, the health insurance must give its agreement. The cost is 193.50 euros per semester (6 semesters maximum).

No refund is possible for adults. It is therefore important to choose the right complementary health insurance in order to obtain part or all of the reimbursements. Some insurance companies offer formulas focused on orthodontic care. Most often, it is an annual package.

Prevention remains the most effective solution to combat dental problems. It is important to consult an orthodontist before the first signs of puberty for a complete examination. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, wearing braces helps to solve health problems.

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