The 5 essentials of Spain not to be missed under any circumstances

Are you going on vacation to Spain soon or do you want to get started? Here are our tips for not missing any of the country’s must-sees.

Enjoy Spanish gastronomy

Spain is a land of contrasts and distinct terroirs. Each territory has its own cuisine and specialities. So whether you’re staying in Catalonia, Andalucia, Galicia or anywhere else in Spain, don’t skimp on culinary experiences and be sure to sample the signature foods of the region or city you’re staying in. Paëllas (because, yes, there is a very wide variety, such as that with rabbit and snails), tapas, Fideuà del mar, and so many other gastronomic discoveries to be made… discover new flavors.

Spain: a land of cultures

Here too, you cannot miss the cultural richness of the Iberian Peninsula. Its emblematic monuments such as the Alhambra, the Sagrada Familia or the Mosque of Cordoba are steeped in history and treasures.

The many museums of the country, sometimes housed in these famous monuments, will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the long history of the country, at the crossroads of several cultural influences. In addition to the great classics such as the Prado or the Reina Sofia, also discover more unusual museums such as the Melon Museum, the Witches Museum or the Torture Museum. In short, a different way of getting to know Spain.

The artistic, architectural and historical jewels of Spain are waiting for you. Do not hesitate to find out about the sites of cultural and tourist interest close to your vacation rental in Spain to find out how best to get there, park and return.

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Landscapes for all tastes

Spain has a striking variety of landscapes: calm beaches by the sea, steep cliffs by the raging ocean, lush nature and desert, plains and mountains, rivers and lakes… There is something for everyone. !

Perhaps you will find yourself near some of these exceptional sites during your next vacation in Spain. So, will you visit the Green Lagoon of Lanzarote? The magnificent parks of Bardenas Reales (in Navarre) or Torcal (Antequera)? Or the fluorescent green cave of Can Marçà in Ibiza?

Star Wars, James Bond, Indiana Jones: directors from Hollywood and around the world were not mistaken. Spain is a wonderful film setting that you can also enjoy.

Just by strolling through the streets of the Spanish city that you have chosen for your holidays, you can already soak up the different atmospheres, distinct architectures and viewpoints (viewpoints) specific to each city.

Spanish friendliness

It would be a shame to spend a holiday in Spain and not take advantage of the friendliness of the locals if the opportunity arises. Do not hesitate to ask for directions from time to time or strike up a conversation with the local merchants that you will have the opportunity to meet during your walks in town or elsewhere.

Above all, don’t forget to enjoy!

Take the time to put your toes in a fan: enjoy the beaches and the white sand, the good weather and your holiday program. The opportunity to take beautiful souvenir photos to look at later, when winter returns and to remember your good times spent with family, as a couple or with friends. It’s also an opportunity to discover the Spanish fiesta spirit, if you feel like it, while sipping a small glass of your choice (vino tinto, sangria or vermouth for the more adventurous).

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If you have rented a villa in Spain for your holidays, then it is time to make the most of its facilities: swimming pool, private spa, tennis courts, garden, grounds, solarium…

That’s all for our advice and above all, we wish you a good Spanish holiday!

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