Cervicobrachial neuralgia: natural treatments

Called sciatica of the neck or arm, cervicobrachial neuralgia is particularly painful. Moreover, its symptoms resemble those of sciatica of the back. This pain can originate from several possible causes other than osteoarthritis or hernia. In this article, find out what cervico-brachial neuralgia really is, the symptoms and the different causes. On the other hand, the disease can be treated with medication and sometimes resorting to surgery is necessary. However, there are alternatives to drugs. Discover the various grandmother’s remedies and natural therapies to no longer suffer from neck and arm neuralgia.

What is cervico-brachial neuralgia?

The term neuralgia refers to pain occurring around the sensory nerve and reaching one of the nerve roots for the upper limb. Neuralgia usually occurs on one side only and for no apparent reason.

Also called neck sciatica, cervico-brachial neuralgia is a disease that is accompanied by pain in the neck and arm.

There are two types of neuralgia. The first, cervico-brachial rheumatic neuralgia, mainly concerns women in their fifties with osteoarthritis or trauma. In the case of rheumatic cervico-brachial neuralgia, the nerve root is compressed against the vertebra and the intervetebral disc at the level of the lesions of cervical osteoarthritis. Note that this is a cyclic condition that heals spontaneously.

There are also secondary or symptomatic cervico-brachial neuralgia. The pain is caused by extra ribs called supernumerary. In this case, the treatment involves resorting to surgery with the removal of the rib in addition.


A cervico-brachial crisis is announced by signs such as neck pain, torticollis or painful stiffness of the neck. The pain gradually intensifies to become very sharp, both mechanical and inflammatory. It is even more intense when lying down or when moving the neck.

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The pain follows the course of a nerve root. It therefore passes from the outer face of the arm to the inner part of the arm, the forearm and the fourth and fifth fingers, passing through the outer face of the shoulder.

On the other hand, tingling called paresthesias can be associated with pain. And radiations of pain to the chest are often observed. Finally, the evil also of a decrease in sensitivity on the path of the nerve root.

As for secondary or symptomatic cervico-brachial neuralgia, it causes pain, paralysis as well as vascular disorders by compression (Raynaud’s syndrome, ischemic syndrome of the upper limb).

The causes

The main causes of cervico-brachial neuralgia are osteoarthritis of the neck and hernia, including in people under 50 years of age. The great solicitation of the neck and the mobility of the cervical vertebrae explain this fact.

However, there are also purely disc neuralgias, especially in young people.

Secondary or symptomatic cervico-brachial neuralgia is caused by the presence of supernumerary ribs arising from the cervical vertebrae. Muscle compression (scalene) can also be the cause of the same symptoms, in the same way as certain primary or metastatic vertebral cancers.

Other causes are also possible: trauma, hematoma, infection, hormonal imbalance…

Natural treatments for cervico-brachial neuralgia


This branch of Chinese medicine represents an alternative to traditional medicine to treat cervico-brachial neuralgia.


Acupressure is a treatment method derived from traditional Chinese medicine. It is closely related to acupuncture. However, acupressure does not involve the insertion of needles, but the application of pressure to activate certain points.

Acupressure focuses on the flow of energy. Vital energy (Qi) circulates in the human body through energy channels and is allocated to different organs depending on the acupressure. These, in turn, are classified according to the five elements of Chinese teaching: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. When a person becomes ill, the flow and distribution of energy is no longer balanced. Some meridians may have too much energy, others not enough.

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Acupressure is most often used for symptoms of anxiety, nausea, constipation, shortness of breath, fever, and edema. It is also used to evacuate tension in the shoulders, neck stiffness and to relieve pain related to cervico-brachial neuralgia. In this way, pain and other physical problems can be relieved. This solution is 100% natural and has no side effects.

Another big advantage, acupressure is for everyone and it is possible to stimulate certain acupressure points yourself. The ideal solution is to resort to the use of a mat which, thanks to its many stimulators, will relieve your pain. You can buy on this site the Duvamat mat which offers a natural treatment for cervico-brachial neuralgia.


To treat sciatica of the neck, you can use essential oils, especially peppermint. Indeed, this natural product has analgesic properties. To help you calm down and relax, combine peppermint HE with Roman chamomile oil.


Consult a homeopath who will guide you towards a treatment adapted to the symptoms of your cervico-brachial neuralgia.

Indeed, several treatments are possible:

  • chamomilla 5 to 15 CH when the pain is accompanied by irritability and anxiety;
  • hypericum 9 to 15 CH to act on nerve pain caused by injury, injury or pressure;
  • kalmia latifolia 5 to 15 CH in case of lightning pains accompanied by weakness of the limb with numbness;
  • magnesia phosphorica 5 to 15 CH if the pain is aggravated by extending the arm and improved by bending;
  • plumbum metallicum 5 to 15 C when the pain worsens at night from touch or movement;
  • rhododendron 5 to 15 CH if the territory of the median nerve is affected and if the pain is amplified at night or by the change of weather;
  • aranea diadema 5 to 15 CH in case of damage to the ulnar nerve and aggravation of pain by humidity.
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This natural therapy is particularly effective in relieving the symptoms of neuralgia, and especially the cause.

After making sure that your illness does not require medical treatment, the therapist will use different techniques to relieve the pain. He will work on the areas in tension in order to avoid a new inflammatory flare-up.

Wearing a neck brace

In first intention, it is advisable to limit the mobility of the neck. This involves wearing a foam cervical collar. Thus, the muscles of the cervical spine will be at rest.


Physiotherapy sessions are often necessary for rehabilitation. This is an effective alternative solution if the exercises are performed gently.


This new form of treatment alongside existing therapies can help relieve patients suffering from cervico-brachial neuralgia.

During the consultation, the etiopath will look for the origin of the pain. Then, thanks to a manual intervention, it will reduce the lesions, allowing the progressive and lasting disappearance of the evil.

On the other hand, the etiopathy could also make it possible to limit the risk of recurrence. Depending on the patient, between 3 and 6 etiopathy sessions are necessary to obtain positive results. The natural treatment will also be accompanied by muscle strengthening exercises in order to regain complete joint mobility.

Grandma’s remedies

In the grandmother’s remedy section, there are natural solutions to relieve neck pain:

  • the green clay poultice;
  • arnica to apply in massage on the inflammation;
  • a harpagophytum or Devil’s claw herbal tea, in case of osteoarthritis.

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