Exercises to lose weight

Do you want to lose weight? Know that there are exercises to do at home to lose a few extra pounds. Discover the movements to be preferred. Focus on exercises that are easy to reproduce and do not require a lot of time or equipment. Whether you are overweight or just worried about your appearance, follow our advice to find the line.


This exercise is very effective for losing weight because it is complete. In addition, the principle is very simple.

Stand up, then squat down. Then perform a rear leg extension to find yourself in a push-up position. Leap forward and bring your legs together. Finally, get up.

After several training sessions, it is possible to make the exercise more complex. To do this, put your torso on the ground and perform an extension jump when you get up.

The mountain climber

Under this Anglo-Saxon name hides a very effective exercise for burning calories. In addition, it strengthens the abs as well as the legs.

The instruction is simple. Get on the ground in a push-up position. Then, bring your legs back to your chest in an alternating fashion.

Plank jumping jacks

This exercise combines both sheathing and muscle strengthening of the abs. An effective way to refine your silhouette.

Begin the exercise in a push-up position. Then, spread and tighten your legs quickly to gain intensity.

And you can also place your elbows in support as if you were performing a classic abdominal sheathing.

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kettlebell swing

This is a great classic in cross fit because it mobilizes several muscles at the same time. Build muscle while burning calories with this exercise. To achieve this, use a weighted ball, a dumbbell or, failing that, a bottle of water.

The operation involves spreading your feet apart and then bending your legs. The objective is then to tilt the pelvis backwards. Then pass the object (dumbbell, ball, etc.) between your legs and then in front of you, at shoulder height.

Jumping rope

More classic, but formidable… Jumping rope remains one of the ideal exercises for weighting down a few kilos.

You can vary the level of difficulty by alternating: two feet, bell-foot, back, moderate intensity, high intensity… It’s up to you to be inventive.

The squat

This exercise is perfect for losing weight and shaping your body (buttocks, thighs, etc.). To achieve this, stand up straight. Then lower your buttocks to a seated position. The weight of your body rests on your heels. And once your thighs are parallel to the ground, slowly come back up. Repeat the exercise up to 20 times.

To note : in case of back pain, place your hands on the back of your head. This gesture will help you stay straight.

The board

This sheathing exercise allows you to build muscle while losing weight. The plank focuses on the belly. However, it also tones the arms.

Get into a push-up position. Then place your hands under your shoulders. Then, stand on your tiptoes. Tighten your abs and glutes to form a straight line. Your navel should be tucked inside.

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First hold the position for 20 seconds, then increase as you move.

The slots

This well-known exercise in gyms allows you to work the back, thighs and abs.

Stand straight with your shoulders thrown back and your chin up. Tighten your abs. Then take a big step forward or backward with one leg. Then lower yourself so that your knees are bent at 90 degrees. The first should be near the ground. The other in front of you, in line with your ankle. When you come back up and switch legs, make sure your body weight is on your heels.

Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg.

The pumps

This well-known exercise is sometimes dreaded! However, it is an excellent movement to lose weight.

Note: to perform the exercise properly, the toes or knees must be on the ground, and the hands placed just below your shoulders. As your body lowers, your chest should almost touch the floor. Your arms will then form a 45° angle.

For the movement to be effective, repeat the operation for three sessions of 10 repetitions.

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