Condyloma: natural treatments

Among the various STDs, there is condyloma, linked to the papillomavirus. This is a disease taking the form of a lesion or wart on the anus and genitals. In addition, the pathology affects both sexes, and mainly young people who begin their sexual life. Sometimes asymptomatic, condyloma then goes unnoticed. But it is also very contagious since it is transmitted through sexual or skin contact. In addition to the consultation with the doctor, the dermatologist or the gynecologist, there are natural solutions to overcome it. Discover all the grandmother’s remedies to eliminate an anogenital wart. And follow our advice to protect yourself against this extremely contagious STD. Everything you need to know about condyloma and getting rid of its signs (itching, for example).

What is a condyloma?

A condyloma designates a skin lesion located at the level of the genital apparatus and the anus. It is a sexually transmitted disease. And besides, it is the most widespread STD in France.

Condyloma affects both women and men. And we notice that it particularly affects young people between 16 and 25, at the start of their sexual life.


Condyloma appears as a small wart similar to a growth. Its size varies between a few millimeters and one centimeter. And it can also take a different color. It is sometimes white, gray or even brown.

On the other hand, in the case of condyloma, there are lesions located at the level of the genital apparatus: vagina, vulva, glans, penis, as well as around the anus. The presence of a sore is not always associated with pain or itching. Therefore, some sufferers are unaware that they are carriers of the disease.

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Finally, be aware that these lesions remain benign and rarely develop into a cancerous tumor. The first symptoms may appear within a few months after the first exposure. And the virus can even lie dormant for several years before breaking out.

The causes

Condyloma is linked to the HPV virus (papillomavirus). The risk of contamination is therefore relatively high, including during a single sexual contact. It is a highly contagious disease. It is therefore advisable to consult a doctor as soon as possible in the presence of symptoms.

To know : transmission by simple contact with the skin remains possible. And a mother can also infect her child at birth during delivery.

Then there are contributing factors:

  • having many sexual partners increases the risk of contamination, especially if intercourse takes place without protection;
  • suffer from another STI;
  • the presence of small skin lesions;
  • a weakening of the immune defences;
  • the presence of inflammation;
  • smoking or drug abuse (cannabis and cocaine);
  • taking immunosuppressive drugs.

Natural treatments for condyloma

Good reflexes to have!

It is particularly difficult to protect against condyloma unlike other STDs. Thus, the condom does not always prove effective because the lesions do not only concern the vagina or the penis.

It is therefore better to exercise sexual abstinence during the treatment period for condyloma. It is advisable to wait for the total disappearance of the lesions before resuming sexual activity.

On the other hand, screening smears are essential to observe the possible occurrence of condyloma or other diseases linked to the papillomavirus.

Finally, on the underwear side, choose cotton briefs or panties that allow the skin to breathe. Avoid synthetic materials if you have this STD.

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Cold therapy or cryotherapy consists of removing warts with liquid nitrogen. Without pain, it is a technique used without anesthesia.

Consult a dermatologist who will take care of applying two jets of liquid nitrogen. A crust will form and come off after a few days.

cider vinegar

In the natural remedies section, cider vinegar is a must. In addition, it is an effective product for combating skin diseases.

Just put a few drops of apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and apply it to the affected area.

Tea tree essential oil

On the aromatherapy side, this HE can be used to fight against condyloma. Place a few drops in your lukewarm water bath and immerse yourself in it for about fifteen minutes.

You can also apply a mixture of tea tree essential oil with olive oil to the growth. Soak a sterile compress in the solution and dab gently before letting it sit for two hours. Then, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Be careful, never use tea tree essential oil directly in its pure state on your lesions.

The aloe vera

This natural remedy has many health benefits. If you suffer from itching related to a condyloma, this may be the ideal solution.

Cut a leaf to extract the gel. Then soak a cotton square in it to place directly on the affected area. Then, the next day, rinse with lukewarm water.

Note that you can also drink aloe vera juice. It is found to be very good for health.

Castor oil

Castor oil, available in all pharmacies, is a good ally against condyloma. Soak a cotton ball in the natural product and place it on the wart. Leave on overnight before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

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You can repeat the operation until the condyloma completely disappears.


Maybe you’ve never heard of it. Yet, it is an effective natural remedy to soothe itchy skin. By the way, this oatmeal is recommended by doctors to treat chickenpox.

Use oatmeal topically as a paste. To do this, simply mix the product with water. Then, add two full cups of the solution to your bath.

If necessary, repeat the operation up to three times a day.


This antibacterial has many health benefits. If you suffer from warts, use this natural treatment.

Simply cut a clove of garlic in half, then rub on the growth. The treatment can be repeated daily for fifteen days.

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