Foamy Hair: 6 Solutions to Combat Foamy Hair

Despite care and styling, your hair continues to be sparkling. Are you looking for a solution to overcome the disorganized appearance of your hair? Discover all our natural tips to take care of your hair and prevent it from foaming. Beauty gestures, grandmother’s recipes, masks… All our solutions to stop having foamy hair.

What is sparkling hair?

sparkling hair are characterized by their appearance : ultra-dry, they are neither curly nor really smooth and they give the hair a disorganized look.

On the other hand, foamy hair is difficult to master on a daily basis because it does not tolerate humidity or brushing well. Indeed, it swells at the slightest opportunity. Sparkling hair therefore requires maintenance and good beauty gestures.

The right things to do to fight against fluffy hair

hair brushing

Women tend to brush their hair from root to tip. But this is strongly discouraged. To have pretty hair, brush your hair from the tip to the root instead.

And also remember to dampen your hair before brushing. Indeed, brushing your hair dry may bring out split ends and scales.


On the other hand, drying must be carried out rigorously, that is to say from bottom to top, and never the other way around.

If possible, it is better to let the hair air dry. And avoid appliances that radiate heat such as straighteners or curling irons.

Use conditioner

After-shampoo care is advised. Apply a natural product to your hair after washing (oil, mask, etc.). But above all, do not use an unsuitable oil. You would then risk burning the hair.

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In the same way, absolutely avoid styling products containing alcohol which dry out the hair or silicone-based treatments. And also skip the special fine hair products that are not suitable for foamy hair.

Do not wash your hair too often

It is better to avoid washing your hair every day, otherwise it will be damaged. Washing twice a week is more than enough.

Indeed, too regular washing attacks the hair and it gets dirty more quickly.

Egg mask

A good hydration of the hair helps to fight against the foamy effect. Among grandmother’s recipes that have proven themselves, there is the mask based on egg yolk.

Just whip the egg yolk and mix it with a spoonful of water to obtain a creamy result. Then add the white. And apply to the lengths of damp hair.

Massage the ends and the scalp to reactivate the blood circulation of the skull. Let stand for fifteen minutes and rinse with cold water. Finally, wash your hair using a mild shampoo.

Banana and olive oil mask

You can also use banana and olive oil to compose a natural mask. The product will deeply nourish your hair.

Apply the mixture to barely wet hair. Leave on for fifteen minutes before washing.

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