How to do a paternity test?

Today, it is possible to carry out a paternity test at home. It is carried out in the same way as the legal DNA test in France. Should I take my own blood sample at home? And first, how is the paternity test carried out? How to read the results? Is this irrefutable proof that there is a biological link between you and your child? We tell you about the course of the DNA test.

DNA Test, what french law says

The law is not the same in all countries of the world. Switzerland, Belgium, Canada or the United States authorize paternity tests without restriction, whether they are legal tests or tests carried out at home. On the other hand, in France, the situation turns out to be quite different. The paternity test can only be carried out under certain conditions :

  • in legal proceedings to establish (or challenge) a blood relationship. This is useful for obtaining or removing alimony;
  • for medical purposes or in the context of scientific research;
  • to establish the identity of deceased persons.

The search for paternity can be initiated by the child or by the mother of the child if the child is a minor. The mother must provide proof of intimate relations with the father of the child before his birth.

How to carry out a paternity test legally in France?

The procedure to follow is as follows. Make an appeal must have a lawyer to seize the judge of the high court. This one will examine the situation and will estimate if the request is admissible or not. In the event of a positive response, the legal paternity test will be carried out by examination by comparing blood or by identification of genetic fingerprints with saliva sampling. In the latter case, we then speak of a DNA test. The examinations are carried out by special technicians in approved sampling centres.

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Note that the process remains identical to the analysis technique for private paternity tests. The only difference lies in the method of sample collection. Within a legal framework, an agent monitors the procedure in order to eliminate any risk of sample exchange.

If the blood or DNA is identical, the probability rate of paternity is greater than 99% and cannot be disputed by the alleged father. The latter may be ordered to pay maintenance to the mother of the child as well as damages.

Otherwise, if the analysis does not establish a biological link between the child and the presumed father, the filiation is canceled definitively.

Good to know, it is possible to refuse to submit to a legal DNA test, even in the event of legal proceedings. Each of the parties concerned must give their consent. However, the refusal must be motivated and justified to the judge in charge of the case.

Take a paternity test online

It is quite possible to carry out a paternity test on the Internet. However, it will not be recognized and even deemed illegal. You can incur up to one year in prison in addition to a fine of 15,000 euros.

The procedure is simple. It is enough to send a sample of saliva of the child and the father to the laboratory concerned. Good to know, most samples are appraised in foreign laboratories. The result is sometimes unreliable. It takes about 150 euros to carry out a DNA test on the Internet.

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