How to organize your room?

The bedroom is one of the intimate rooms where you tend to let yourself go a little… It’s not uncommon to find a piece of clothing or an object lying around. So how do you clean up this room and keep it tidy? Learn how to organize your bedroom to make it a pleasant living space. Thanks to our advice and tips, easily find your belongings and store smartly.

Make your bed every morning

In one room, the bed is the most important piece of furniture. It is therefore essential to put it away every morning. Put the duvet and pillows back in place, taking care to smooth the sheet and erase all the folds from the linen.

The goal is to find a clean bed that makes you want to sleep in it at night.

Put away your clothes at night

We all tend to leave clothes lying around on a chair, on the edge of the bed, or on the floor, on the floor…

To avoid being invaded, it is important to put away your clothes as you go, and thus avoid having to wear crumpled outfits.

In case of accumulation, sort the laundry by composing three batteries : the first for dirty clothes that will go directly to the washing machine, the second for clothes to be ironed, and the last for clothes to be stored in the wardrobe or wardrobe.

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Put things back in their place

Book, old magazine, empty box, administrative paper… Don’t let these little everyday objects invade your bedside table or chest of drawers.

Put objects back in their place as soon as they are no longer needed: in the library, in a storage bin or in the trash.

Use the right storage

To store your clothes, there’s nothing like practical and functional furniture suitable for your wardrobe. If possible, use a walk-in closet with closed doors to make room in your bedroom.

Otherwise, you can use the chest of drawers, wardrobe, cupboard and other appropriate storage. Hang up your clothes as much as possible, making sure to let them breathe as much as possible.

And of course, classify the clothes by category: shirts with shirts, sweaters with sweaters… This will save you from looking for an outfit in the morning.

And in the same way, pay particular attention to the storage of accessories. Shoes, belts, hats, scarves will remain between them, well separated.

Use smart storage

It exists several types of storage in order to save space, and showcase its clothes and accessories. We all know the coat hook, but there is also the valet who reinvests interiors.

And if you’re short on space, also consider storage boxes under the bed or a storage bed to store clothes you no longer use. As for ties or hats, arrange them on a rod or a multi-support hanger.

Finally, the wall storage above the bed saves space. And there are also bed ends that sometimes contain storage boxes. Decorative and useful!

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Organize your office

If you have a desk in your bedroom, organize it as best you can to declutter the space. Everything in its place to avoid clutter!

In a drawer, arrange all the office accessories such as scissors, stapler, paper clips, tape… And in a pot, place your pens and pencils in it to have everything at hand.

As for papers, use transparent pockets, cardboard folders or binders to store them efficiently and find them easily when the time comes. Classify your papers by theme (health, finances, children’s schooling, etc.).

Finally, do not overload your desk with personal effects such as photos, knick-knacks… Think rather minimalist to be able to work efficiently.

Adopt a clean style

To tidy up your room more easily and spend less time there every day, adopt the minimalist or refined style.

It starts with the choice of furniture. A bedside table in the form of a shelf with drawer and niche provides storage without cluttering the room.

On the other hand, the retractable bed represents a good trick related to sleeping. Indeed, it makes it possible to modulate the space by freeing up the surface on the ground. Nothing like having a tidy room during the day.

Choose the right headboard

Very important, the headboard can also serve as storage. Some templates come in the form of libraries. Perfect for hiding books, glasses, a bedside lamp, the alarm clock…

On the other hand, headboards serve as separation and can contain a dressing room or a bathroom. The ideal solution for delimiting spaces and organizing the room.

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