How to cure a cold quickly?

Do you have a runny nose and itchy throat? Don’t wait for the cold to set in. To overcome a flu-like state, there are tips and tricks from grandmother. Discover our tips for treating a cold snap quickly. And no need to consult your doctor, there are very effective natural remedies.

Get well quickly from a cold, the cures

The common cold is easily recognizable with its recurring symptoms : cough, stuffy nose, sore throat. The simple « cold snap » does not require the consultation of a doctor. On the other hand, in case of fever, pain in the muscles and headaches, it is best to go see your general practitioner. Do not confuse colds and flu, which are much more difficult to treat.

Sore throat

Among the most effective methods are lemon infusions with thyme and honey. The solution is recommended in case of colds to counter the sore throat. Along with salt water, lemon juice can also be used for gargling. It’s a tried-and-true grandma’s trick.

Nasal congestion

Salt water is ideal for rehydrating the mucous membranes of the nose. The trick is to spray salt water into the nostrils and then blow your nose. Nasal congestion can be performed up to three times a day. Create your solution using an empty spray bottle. Just add water and salt to it. Otherwise, pharmacies sell seawater sprays.

The other proven method is called inhalation. Use lavender, tea tree or eucalyptus essential oils. It is possible to perform three inhalations per day. Nothing like unblocking the nose and eliminating germs.

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Rest. Rest is the best remedy for general fatigue. Thanks to sleep, your body will have all the weapons it needs to defeat the virus. In your bedroom, make sure the air is not too dry. Use a humidifier so as not to attack your mucous membranes.

Common cold, the right things to do not get sick

To cure your cold as quickly as possible, take the right steps right from the start. Drink lots of water, take very hot baths and bundle up. Diet also plays an important role. Onion soups are recommended. You can also fall back on garlic or ginger. They are very effective in boosting the immune system.

Hygiene measures must also be taken to avoid any further contamination. Wash your hands regularly, avoid close contact with a sick person and preferably use disposable tissues.

If, despite our advice, your cold sets in, consider consulting. In case of a cold in the toddler, do not wait. Make an appointment with a doctor. A cold in children can quickly turn into a more serious illness such as bronchitis, pharyngitis, otitis or pneumonia.

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