baking soda for hair

Used for cleaning the house as well as to relieve some health ailments, baking soda is ultra versatile. Indeed, in the beauty department, he also knows how to be effective. How to use baking soda to have pretty hair? We tell you everything about the bicarbonate-based shampoo. Discover all the beauty secrets to avoid oily hair. Focus on a natural product with multiple benefits.

Is baking soda good for hair?

Baking soda has many virtues, including for the hair. There is even a bicarbonate shampoo.

In fact, the product is effective in removing excess sebum. On oily hair, it can be used regularly.

Bicarbonate will also eliminate impurities and residues from pollution as well as the parabens contained in aggressive shampoos.

Baking soda will be highly appreciated by people who tend to have oily hair. Indeed, its virtues on the scalp will make it possible to space out the washes. Its moisturizing properties will also contribute to the beauty of the hair.
Used regularly, baking soda will also limit the appearance of dandruff.

On the other hand, bicarbonate is completely natural, therefore non-allergenic, and biodegradable. By washing your hair with this product, you contribute to respecting the environment.

Easy to find on the market and inexpensive, bicarbonate is intended to be accessible to as many people as possible.

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How to use it ?

For baking soda to be effective on your hair, it is essential to know how to use it.

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For quick use, simply add a teaspoon of baking soda to your standard shampoo. The product will bring shine to your hair.

For 100% natural use, make your own baking soda shampoo yourself. However, be careful not to overdose the substance. Indeed, the paste can over time dry out the hair. Stick to one wash a week.

In case of colored or highlighted hair, baking soda should be avoided. Indeed, it is a natural bleach that would eliminate your coloring.

Finally, people with fine, brittle or frizzy hair will prefer another shampoo.

Recipe for making your baking soda shampoo

There are several recipes for baking soda shampoo. To make it as simple as possible, mix one part baking soda in three parts water. In the absence of chemical elements, the solution will not foam.

Then pour your shampoo on your hair, gently massaging the scalp and the lengths. After one to four minutes of exposure, rinse thoroughly with cold or warm water.

Also be aware that apple cider vinegar can be added to the batter for even more shine.

Finally, to take advantage of all the benefits of baking soda, it is recommended to use it not occasionally, but regularly!

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