How to cure a cold?

Benin, the common cold, also called « cold snap » can be disabling on a daily basis, especially if it lasts for a long enough period. There are natural remedies to treat yourself effectively. Follow our advice to get better. No need for medicine to treat a simple cold. Discover all of grandmother’s tips for boosting your immune defences.

Should I go see a doctor?

No need to rush to your doctor. The common cold is one of most frequent diseases and turns out to be quite benign. Moreover, in case of consultation, your general practitioner will prescribe you medicines delivered without prescription.

The symptoms of the common cold are easily recognizable : cough, nasal congestion, sore throat… In case of flu, you will also have muscle pain, headaches and fever, not to mention general fatigue.

Common cold, the use of naturopathy

Before consulting your doctor in case of persistent symptoms, you can use natural remedies. Some of them have been around for centuries and are passed down from generation to generation. They’re called grandma’s stuff. They often turn out to be very effective.

One of the best known methods is to gargle with lemon juice or salt water. Nothing like treating sore throats. In general, lemon has benefits for the common cold. To be consumed as a very hot infusion. Thyme and honey are also recommended. In addition, this solution will give you a good night’s sleep.

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As for salt water, it rehydrates the nasal mucous membranes. Spray salt water into each nostril, then blow your nose. And this several times a day. Seawater spray is sold in pharmacies, but it is also possible to create your own product. All you need is an empty spray bottle, water and salt. Very simple and fast.

Essential oils can also be good health allies in the context of inhalations. Choose lavender, tea tree or eucalyptus. Inhale three times a day to get rid of your germs.

Cold And Flu, actions to take

Adopt the right gestures to overcome your flu-like state: drink plenty of water, take very hot baths and cover yourself well. Rest is also advised. Give your body all the weapons to defeat the virus.

In your bedroom, make sure that the air is not too dry, in which case it could attack your mucous membranes.

Finally, to cure your cold as quickly as possible, adopt a diet of circumstance. Garlic, onion, ginger must be on the menu. They will boost your immune defenses. A good onion soup will help your recovery.

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How to protect yourself from the common cold?

Prevention is better than cure. In order not to catch a cold snap, it is advisable to observe some hygiene measures. Wash your hands regularly, never share cutlery or a glass with a sick person. In general, it is not recommended to be in contact with an infected person. If you sneeze, cover your mouth and avoid putting your hands in your face. Finally, prefer disposable tissues which eliminate the risk of new contamination.

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Never wait for the flu to set in to act. Take the right steps to protect yourself from viruses and at the first signs, trust Grandma’s tips. They prove to be unstoppable in overcoming seasonal colds. In case of colds in children, it is best to consult their doctor. A bad cold can quickly turn into pharyngitis, bronchitis, ear infection or pneumonia in the worst case.

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