How long does it take to buy real estate?

Buying a property begins with a visit, then leads to the signing of a sales contract, but between the two stages several phases follow one another, are they slow? Are they short?

The guide highlights each of these steps and their durations, to roughly calculate how long buying a property can take.

The visits

In order to find what suits you and what meets your expectations and desires, you have to do research to target the desired sectors, as well as the accommodations that meet your criteria.

Once you have found sales offers corresponding to your requirements, you can proceed to the visits.

Of course, it all depends on the type of accommodation you are looking for and the number of offers that exist, as well as the period during which you wish to buy, these factors affect the number of possible visits to be made before falling on the golden house.

So this phase can last a few weeks to a few months, especially if you are a demanding and perfectionist person.

The negotiations

This phase allows you, once you have targeted the desired property, to exchange arguments with the seller, in the hope of being able to benefit from a reduction.

By using the right arguments to protect yourself against the faults of the dwelling, you can easily win this match.

As for this phase, the extension of the duration depends on the flexibility of the seller.

The choice of notary

When the parties agree on the price and all the other details forming the sale, it is necessary to go to the notary.

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This can be that of the seller, to sign a sales agreement, or it can also be two notaries, that of the seller and that of the buyer, without there being any additional costs. for the buyer.

The promise of sale

The seller and the buyer go to the notary to sign the sales agreement. Following which, they make a transfer whose value is 10% of the sale price.

This transfer is intended for the Notarial Office.

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The sales contract

The buyer is summoned to the notary, as well as the seller. The deed is read by the parties, then signed. Then, the seller must hand over the keys to the property, after having received the total sum provided, as the sale price.

Note that the buyer must be careful when reading the sales contract. He may even take the time to re-read it and get informed, because the legal terms can be difficult to assimilate for those less accustomed to the field.

If you are a buyer, do not hesitate to ask questions, in particular to your notary who, as a lawyer, will provide you with the necessary answers to shed light on your lantern.

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