Natural Balanitis Treatments

For a few days, you notice redness and itching at the end of your penis? Maybe it’s balanitis. Although poorly understood, this inflammation of the glans affects many men, especially the elderly. So, how to prevent the risk of genital mycosis in men? What are the causes and symptoms of this skin disease? We tell you everything about this pathology. And find out how to effectively fight balanitis. There are natural remedies and treatments as well as good actions to adopt to prevent and stop inflammation. Follow all our advice to fight against this disease in a totally natural way, without the use of medication or antibiotics.

Balanitis: What is that ?

Balanitis refers to acute or chronic inflammation of the glans penis. When the man is not circumcised, the foreskin is often found to be affected as well. This is called balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans and foreskin).

This disease mainly affects uncircumcised men with a slightly long foreskin and occurs at all ages. If not treated effectively, balanitis can become complicated and lead to serious conditions such as phimosis or cancer.

The causes

Acute balanitis is usually caused by Candida mycosis. It is then a bacterial infection. The use of irritating products (antiseptics, for example) or a lack of intimate hygiene can also lead to this disease. More rarely, acute balanitis is linked to an STD such as gonococci, genital herpes, syphilis, etc.

On the other hand, in elderly men who have difficulty emptying their bladder, it is common to observe chronic or recurrent balanitis, especially when the subjects are diabetic. The chronic disease can also be due to other inflammatory causes (eg psoriasis) and exceptionally to cancer.

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Also note that excessive heat, wearing synthetic underwear, or an allergic reaction (to soap or a condom, for example) can cause balanitis.


Symptoms of balanitis are easily identifiable: redness, pain, burning, itching, foul odor. Sometimes balanitis is accompanied by a discharge of pus, and the affected area may have pustules.

When the occurrence of balanitis is linked to cancer, the subject also notices bleeding, and a rapid evolution of symptoms.

In the presence of these signs, it is better to consult your general practitioner because a mycosis does not heal on its own. Do not apply any cream or antiseptic to the glans of your penis before medical advice.

And in case of problems urinating (urination disorders), it is recommended to consult a urologist directly.

And in the presence of a recurrence, a biopsy may be indicated in order to define the exact cause of the disease. This small intervention is carried out under local anesthesia, by applying an anesthetic cream or injecting an anesthetic into the region of the biopsy.

Natural treatments for balinitis

Good personal hygiene

To prevent the risk of balanitis, it is important to adopt good hygiene. It is important not to lack hygiene, without overdoing it. Indeed, an excess of cleaning products and the application of antiseptics destroy the flora which has protective germs. The risk of mycosis is then significant.

Retract the penis glans

Be sure to retract and clean the glans of the penis daily, rinsing off product residues (soaps) and drying well. This prevents macerations on the affected area and the accumulation of smegma, causing irritation and possible superinfection by germs.

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The choice of underwear

To avoid the risk of balanitis, it is strongly advised to wear underwear. However, not all materials are created equal. To avoid perspiration and the risk of chafing, it is better to forget the synthetic and favor natural materials such as cotton.

Condom use

During sex, it is advisable to use condoms. Choose them preferably for sensitive skin to avoid any irritation of the glans.

And after the sexual intercourse, proceed to a toilet with clear water. This prevents your partner’s vaginal secretions from remaining on the glans of your penis.

A healthy diet

In case of balanitis due to candidiasis, it is recommended to adopt a healthy diet. This prevents the proliferation of the fungus. Avoid as much as possible processed products containing a lot of fast sugars.

Essential oils

An external local application of natural essential and vegetable oils has a skin rehydration, disinfectant and antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and healing action.

You can use palmarosa essential oil. In addition to its effectiveness in combating skin problems and mycosis, the product regulates perspiration.

Niaouli oil also has antiseptic qualities. And the HE of tea tree (or green tea) that we no longer present, also has many benefits to fight against balanitis. Finally, rosewood oil or clove oil will also be useful to fight against inflammation.


Garlic has many health benefits. To overcome a genital mycosis in men, nothing like this natural remedy. This powerful antifungal kills fungi, including candida albicans.


Rich in thymol, thyme contains antimicrobial and antiviral action. So you can use this natural treatment to fight candida activity.

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Grapefruit seed extracts

This remedy is effective on candida albicans type fungi. In case of balanitis due to this fungus, it is advisable to have recourse to this natural treatment.


This plant is often used against skin infections. If you suffer from inflammation of the glans, resort to calendula in the form of tea or ointment.

coconut oil

To soothe balanitis, you can trust the benefits of coconut oil.


Taking regular courses of oral probiotics helps maintain or restore the balance in the intestinal flora.


This natural product with many properties stimulates the immune system and therefore promotes the fight against candida albicans.

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