What are the attractive investments for a serene retirement?

Retirement is a tricky time for everyone. If it is synonymous with relief after years of work, tight schedules and pressure, it can also raise certain doubts, particularly in terms of income. Indeed, income can drop more or less significantly on retirement, a pension being generally less advantageous than a salary. The best way to overcome this problem is to save enough to receive a comfortable pension in retirement. Expertpublic.fr therefore offers you 5 attractive investments that will allow you to live your retirement in the greatest serenity.

PERF: the most accessible retirement investment

The Popular Retirement Savings Plan, more commonly known as PERF, is one of the most accessible solutions for saving before retirement? You could then contribute to the PERF during your years of professional activity. This plan is open to all workers and contributions are not necessarily regular. You can therefore pay a contribution at the rate of your choice. On retirement, you could withdraw 20% of the capital formed. You will then receive a life annuity, the amount of which is subject to income tax. Find tips on how to reduce your taxes here.

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The Madelin contract: savings for artisans and the self-employed

This savings plan has been specially set up for craftsmen, workers in the liberal professions and merchants. The Madelin contract allows these beneficiaries to build up capital through regular contributions throughout their professional activity. The capital cannot be partially or totally withdrawn upon retirement. It will, however, be redistributed in the form of a life annuity with a conversion rate guaranteed by the insurer.

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The EPE: investment for employees

The PEE (Company Savings Plan) is an investment intended for company employees. Although it is not initially intended for saving for retirement, it allows you to build up capital that will serve you when you stop your professional activities. The capital constituted by the PEE receives the participation and profit-sharing premiums. It is made up of payments into the company savings plan. The advantage of the PEE lies in the fact that your employer is able to top up your savings. You would also have the right to withdraw all of your capital after 5 years.

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Life insurance: the favorite investment of the French

Life insurance is one of the most advantageous investments for saving for retirement. You can build up the capital as you wish and at the pace of your choice. It is also possible to freely choose the investments in which your capital will be invested, as you can see here. You could then take over all the capital or receive an annuity on an ad hoc, regular or scheduled basis, depending on your choice. You will also benefit from very advantageous taxation by opting for life insurance.

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The father : business savings

The PERE for Company Retirement Savings Plan takes the form of regular contributions made by employees to build up capital. The amount of the contributions is calculated according to the employee’s income and is deductible from taxable income. The accumulated capital will be reconstituted in a life annuity available only after retirement. It is therefore not possible to withdraw the capital. The PERE entitles you to certain advantageous tax deductions.

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