White discharge during pregnancy: is it normal?

During pregnancy, many ailments appear. Pregnant women may notice the occurrence of vaginal discharge, called white discharge. What is it really about? And how do these vaginal secretions manifest? Do they represent a danger for the pregnant woman or the baby? We answer all your questions about white discharge during pregnancy.

Should we be worried?

White discharge should not alert the pregnant woman. On the other hand, when they are accompanied by ailments such as itching or burning, or bad smells, it is best to consult your gynecologist or midwife.

Indeed, these are the signs of a mycosis, a condition caused by a fungus. And when the discharge is yellowish in color, the parasite in question is called Trichomonas. Note, greenish discharge can also be observed.

On the other hand, urinary burning or fever may be due to other germs. In any case, if you suspect unusual white discharge, it is better to talk to the professional following you.

To note : all these infections related to white discharge are completely benign. However, they must be treated in time to avoid any complications (premature delivery, neonatal infection, etc.).

Finally, in case of continuous liquid presence leaving your lingerie permanently wet, consult. It could be a crack in the bag of waters. This pregnancy complication requires treatment. Indeed, there is a risk of infection for the baby.

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Examination and treatment

Your gynecologist will take a sample in the laboratory. This is called vaginal bacteriology.

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Whatever the germ responsible for the discharge, a local treatment based on eggs and/or cream will be prescribed for you, to take between 3 to 9 days.

And your companion should also be treated with a cream, whether there is irritation or not. This prevents further contamination.

Finally, a control sample, taken a few days after the end of the treatment, will ensure that the responsible germ has disappeared.

Explanations for these white losses

Generally, pregnant women have abundant vaginal secretions. They appear as a viscous, frothy or slimy substance. These are white discharge, also called vaginal discharge, or leucorrhoea.

In reality, it is the effect of pregnancy hormones that cause an overproduction of secretions. Therefore, these discharges turn out to be completely normal, and do not represent any danger for the baby or the pregnant woman.

On the other hand, vaginal discharge varies in consistency and quantity depending on the pregnancy cycle. At the very end of pregnancy, the pregnant woman very often notices thick vaginal discharge in mucous form. Sometimes they are also tinged with streaks of blood. It can then be the mucous plug which crumbles little by little. This is not a sign of impending labor. Therefore, there is no need to go to the maternity ward.

When not accompanied by any other signs such as redness, itching or other discomfort in the intimate area, this white discharge is completely normal.

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