Fresh fruit and vegetable juices

“Healthy food” is the trend of the moment. Impossible to avoid it as it is present on blogs, Instagram accounts or online training… The main objective is to consume healthy and nutrient-rich foods.

In fact, juices have been a mainstay of naturopathy and healthy nutrition for a long time. Indeed, they allow to take a concentrate of vegetables and fruits. However, everyone knows that these are essential foods for health. They are full of vitamins, minerals and various antioxidant nutrients. Also, as the specialized site explains, they contain many enzymes essential to the good physiology of the body.

The interest of juices is also to be able to consume fruits and vegetables raw. Indeed, cooking destroys vitamins and enzymes, which makes them much less nutritionally interesting. Commercial juices are very poor in nutrients because they have been heated (pasteurization). Also, the extraction and storage processes make these products of little nutritional interest.

When to take them?

They are consumed as a cure, daily or from time to time according to the desire and the desired goal:

  • Dailyonce a day, to provide essential nutrients for the functioning of the body.
  • In cure for a few daysat the rate of 2 to 4 juices per day, to detoxify and revitalize the body in depth.
  • From time to time, for the pleasure of juices, tastes. Or to strengthen your ground during seasonal illnesses such as colds, flu, temporary fatigue…

How to do them?

There are 2 distinct machines to easily make juices:

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The extractor: It extracts cold juices via a slowly rotating auger. Fruits and vegetables are crushed and crushed there. A sieve system lets the juice run off on one side, and the fibers are routed on the other side. It is therefore a fiber-free juice. This cold extraction keeps all the nutrients of the juice. The quantity extracted is a little larger than with a centrifuge. Its cost is expensive.

Centrifuge : The food is crushed and projected on the wall, a sieve, at high speed, which involves heating. The juice passes and the fibers and residues remain in the container. The juice contains a little fiber, the nutrients it contains are altered by heating. You cannot juice grass or leafy vegetables with a juicer. Its cost is affordable.

Some practical advice

The fruits and vegetables chosen must be fresh and from organic farming. The objective of the juices being vitality, there is no need to overload your body with toxic chemical molecules!

The consumption of the juice after extraction must be done quickly, within ¼ hour and at most 1 hour later. “Nevertheless, it can be stored for 24 hours in the refrigerator away from light. ” tells us Stéphane from the news blog

Devoid of fibre, the nutrients in the juice are absorbed very quickly by an organism on an empty stomach, which is why it is advisable to consume the juices on an empty stomach (20 minutes before the meal or meals).

To facilitate the assimilation of fat-soluble nutrients, you can add a trace (mini drop) of vegetable oil in your juice.

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You will find on the internet lots of recipes and indications on which vegetables, which herbs, which spices if you want a targeted action on a particular health problem. But the best thing is to let your imagination delight your taste buds!

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