Heritage: where are you at?

The patrimony of a person includes all his movable and immovable property (his assets) as well as all his debts (his liabilities). After many years of work and investment, it is important to summarize your assets in order to get a concrete idea. Why is this important? What are the elements that are counted to draw up the asset summary? Why should you call on a tax advisor for the valuation of your assets? Here’s all you need to know.

What does the heritage summary include?

From a tax point of view, making a summary of the assets is an obligation. This allows you to know exactly what you can give or bequeath. To know where you stand, you need to make the list that includes the following:

  • Savings accounts, including the livret A and the livret pour le développement durable;
  • Real estate including rental properties and joint property;
  • Life insurance contracts;
  • Savings plans (the PEA for example);
  • The stock market portfolio;
  • Furniture, jewelry, paintings or valuables …

This list is not exhaustive. To know all the elements that must be taken into account in the summary of assets, you can call on an independent tax advisor who has experience. If you are an individual, it will be more profitable for you to hire an independent tax advisor through certain specialized platforms.

Heritage summaryHeritage summary

Call on a tax advisor for the valuation of the assets: advantages

The tax advisor is first and foremost a financial advisor. Its particularity is its specialization in tax law and the tax code. Its role is to offer personalized support to individuals and businesses for tax declarations and the planning of excellent tax optimization. We can mention 3 main advantages of using a tax advisor.

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Better understand taxation

Firstly, it helps you learn more about taxes in France and fill your tax gaps. The laws and regulations which supervise the management of the assets of individuals and companies change regularly. The tax advisor will help you comply with these laws.

Better invest your wealth

With the help of a specialist, you can better invest your wealth in diversified investments. The financial advisor, after evaluating your assets, will in fact be able to guide you towards the investment opportunities that correspond to your profile. Do you want to invest to protect your family, to have a nice retirement, or just in ecological causes? You will be able to obtain an attractive profitability which takes into account your appetite for risk and your plans for the future.

Win time

Hiring a tax advisor saves you time. Continuous assessment of your assets, tax and administrative procedures, and management of disputes with the tax authorities when they do arise are very time consuming missions. By calling on an expert, you will be able to attend to your professional or private occupations, while an experienced specialist takes care of these tasks for you.

Do you have significant assets whose management weighs on you? To take stock, better manage your assets and invest them with know-how while avoiding delicate situations, call on an experienced independent tax advisor.

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