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The Italian banking group Montepaschi has been established in France since the 1990s with its subsidiary Monte Paschi Banque. But what does this financial institution, which is present throughout France, and in particular in the major French cities offer? Discover the complete offer of the bank in terms of account, payment cards, remote banking. And follow our advice to open an account, access your personal space and consult the current pricing.

Presentation of Monte Paschi Bank

The Montepaschi group, the main player in the Italian financial market, established itself in France in 1990 by opening a new foreign subsidiary: Monte Paschi Banque.

This marks a turning point in the history of the group with a new policy of expansion and development of the network. Today, the organization has approximately 300 employees spread across France, particularly in the cities of Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Nice. Most of the sales teams are bilingual Italian/French.

On the other hand, you should know that the banking services and products of the Monte Paschi Bank are aimed at individuals as well as companies and real estate professionals.

To know : the Montepaschi group is the third largest Italian banking group. It has more than 1800 branches in Italy.

How to open an account at Monte Paschi Bank?


To open an account and become a client of Monte Paschi Bank, you must contact an adviser. Find all the agencies and their contact details by consulting the following page:

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You can also fill out the online form to make an appointment:

Supporting documents to be provided

To open a current account, you must provide the following documents:

  • valid identity document (national identity card, passport or residence permit);
  • proof of residence less than three months old (gas, electricity, water receipt, etc.);
  • for non-French tax residents, provide a certificate of tax residence of less than three years, and the tax identification number;
  • for people in salaried activity, the last pay slips or the last tax notice for the liberal professions.

Banking services offered

Current account

Opening a current account allows you to use the means of payment of your choice. You also have access to WebLine remote banking with continuous consultation and management of your accounts, without having to travel, from any computer.

Remote banking

WebLine is Monte Paschi Bank’s remote banking service. It allows access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Two packages are available to you:

  • WebLine Liberty : totally free, it allows you to carry out day-to-day banking operations (consult your accounts, download your statements, consult outstanding bank cards and securities accounts, make internal transfers, print an RIB, order a checkbook, configure your alerts on the situation of your balance);
  • WebLine Premium : after taking out a monthly subscription, you can, in addition to current operations, carry out securities transactions, external transfers in France and in the SEPA zone and international transfers.

Payment cards

The financial institution offers several bank cards:

  • the Visa Electron card. It is a universal payment card for paying for purchases in France and abroad. Plan an annual fee of 28 euros;
  • the Visa Classic card to pay in France and around the world. The annual subscription costs 45 euros;
  • the Visa Premier card. This top-of-the-range card also has a wide range of assistance insurance. Its contribution is invoiced at 140 euros per year;
  • the Visa Infinite card. This top-of-the-range card allows you to take advantage of VIP services. It costs 350 euros per year.
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Other services

Paschi Sereno

Paschi Sereno means of payment insurance offers you protection in the event of loss, theft or fraudulent use of your means of payment. The basic formula is accessible from 2.29 euros per month.

Safe compartment rental

Monte Paschi Banque offers you a solution to keep your valuables and/or important documents safe. This consists of renting a safe compartment.

The cost of the rental varies according to the size of the safe, the value of the objects deposited as well as the duration of the rental.

Tax representation (real estate capital gain)

This service is dedicated to non-residents who sell real estate in France. Thus, the bank undertakes to calculate the fair tax, to minimize any risk of requalification by the Tax Administration, and to respond to any request from the Tax Administration during the term of the commitment.


The establishment also markets investment products including ordinary securities accounts as well as equity savings plans (PEA).


In terms of insurance, Monte Paschi Banque offers Provident/Borrower guarantees as well as additional guarantees for unpaid rent.


The organization provides its private clientele with real estate loans and consumer loans.

The rates

Subscription to remote banking services (internet, landline, SMS, etc.) is free for the basic package.

As for account management, its price varies between 18 euros and 59 euros per quarter (i.e. between 72 euros and 236 euros per year). On the other hand, the cost remains fixed for an inactive account: 30 euros per year.

Download the current price list from this link:

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How to access your online account?

To access your customer area and consult your accounts online, go to the « Consult your accounts » section at the top right of the home page.

There are three ways to access your personal space:

  • via the WebLine (remote banking): Then enter your subscriber number and your password;
  • via CertiLine: It is a space for transfer and validation by electronic certificate of bank files. You must enter your username and password;
  • via Paschi Easy Collect: Enter your username and password.

Note: in the event of difficulty accessing your online accounts (lost username, forgotten password, etc.), request assistance by completing the online form: -technical

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