Back to school: should I take out school insurance for my child?

School insurance protects your child against damage he suffers or causes while at school. Subscribing to it is therefore of paramount importance, because it allows you to anticipate various situations. In addition, this type of insurance offers you several interesting guarantees. The full point in this article!

What are the guarantees offered by school insurance?

School insurance allows you to benefit from various guarantees. Some of them are mandatory, while others are optional.

What are the compulsory guarantees in a school insurance?

When you insure your child, the mandatory guarantees you benefit from are the civil liability guarantee and the bodily accident cover.

The first covers bodily injury and material damage that your child is likely to cause to third parties: classmates, teachers, school equipment, etc.

As for the bodily accident guarantee, it protects him from the damage he could suffer when he is at school. This includes covering health, rescue, research and repatriation costs. This guarantee also includes compensation in the event of theft, permanent disability or death.

What about optional benefits?

The optional guarantees vary according to the insurer and the formula offered. But generally, they include:

  • Legal protection;
  • Psychological support in cases of aggression or extortion;
  • Assistance in the event of illness (nurse, driving to school, follow-up, etc.).

Some insurers also include in their formula compensation in the event of damage to the child’s property. It could be school supplies, braces, glasses or other personal effects.

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School insurance: three main levels of coverage

In parallel with this distinction of types of guarantees, the level of coverage offered by school insurance may vary depending on the insurers. These generally offer three levels of protection. Each level protects your child during a certain time of the day or over a certain period of the year.


  • The first level protects your child during school trips and activities ;
  • The second level guarantees him protection every hour and every day of the year, whatever the activity he practices. This includes vacationsthem colonies and the Hobbieswith the exception of extreme sports.
  • The third level of assistance offers the same benefits as the second, but with higher coverage and support ceilings.

School insurance: which address ?

To insure your child, you have several options. You can choose to do so with:

  • His establishment ;
  • An independent insurer;
  • The company you signed up with your home insurance.

Each alternative has certain specific advantages. Thus, choosing an independent company for your child’s school insurance guarantees you to benefit from a complete formula and/or adapted to your specific needs.

Contacting your home insurer allows you to integrate school insurance into your current offer at no additional cost. However, most of the time, this formula only includes very limited and often insufficient cover in the event of a claim.

Finally, the fact of adopting the insurance offered by the school allows you to simplify all the steps to be taken for this purpose. However, this does not mean that it is the best contract or the cheapest offer.

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To make the right choice, take the time toclearly assess the needs and specific situation of your child. Then compare the different offers and the terms associated with each one.

Is it compulsory to take out school insurance?

By law, you are not obliged to insure your child. The private civil liability insurance contained in your home insurance contract is quite sufficient to enroll him in school. In other words, the school insurance is not compulsory before the registration of your child.

On the other hand, it is strongly recommended in order to cover it in the event of material and immaterial damage which could occur during school activities. Furthermore, for extracurricular, extracurricular or optional activities, this type of insurance is compulsory.

Indeed, since they take place outside the confines of the establishment and generally exceed the usual hours, they carry a greater risk. In order to anticipate all unfortunate situations, schools give preference to students who have school insurance. If your child does not have one, he may therefore see his request to participate in such activities rejected.

What to remember?

In summary, taking out school insurance for your child is certainly optional, but highly recommended . This allows you to prevent any harm he might cause to others or to him when he is at school. In addition, it is an essential cover for him to participate in all extracurricular activities.

As for the price of school insurance, the amount of the annual premium varies globally between 10 and 60 eurosdepending on the formula chosen. Do not hesitate to compare the different offers to make the right choice.

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